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In the eventuality that you are planning to make a tutorial to show the functionality of an application or highlight some of its best features, then it is likely that you need a tool to help you record your actions. Wipido is a lightweight piece of software that provides you with a simple method of recording your screen.
In addition to making tutorials, a screen recorder that does not use too much of your computer resources can prove useful if you are an avid gamer and want to share your experience with your favorite games. Alternatively, these tools can come in handy when you are trying to show users with less technical skills how to perform an advanced operation.
The program lacks in term of options and settings, so it may not be your first choice when it comes to capturing a video game experience for instance. However, for simpler tasks such as tutorials or a troubleshooter, it is more than suitable.
It is worth mentioning that the program enables you to configure some settings of the AVI file recording, such as the video codecs that you may want to use as well as the audio formats, based on the audio input device.







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Wipido Crack Free Download

Wipido is a simple screen recorder that provides you with an effective method of recording your actions on your screen. It is capable of recording video for up to 3 hours on a single DVD disc. It also offers decent, if not advanced, screen recording options.
The interface is easy to use. You just have to drag your mouse around to indicate the region that you want to record. After you have recorded a portion of the screen for a few seconds, you can stop the recording and save your file.
Wipido can be run in a handy virtual machine on your computer to enable you to test its settings without risking to erase anything. You can also save snapshots of your screen. You can either leave your computer unattended in the meantime or even play a video game while using Wipido.
Wipido is a free application.
Wipido Supported Operating System:
Wipido is available for most operating systems, including Windows and Linux. It is available for both 32bit and 64bit versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Wipido Free Download Size:
The file extension.avi stands for the common video file format, which can be played on any computer running the Windows operating system. Wipido is a free application in the genre of screen recorder, which means that it does not require you to pay any licensing fee in order to download it. The file size of Wipido 1.3 is 100 Mb.
Wipido Installer:
Wipido may be downloaded from the official website of the developer, which is located at In addition to the download of the application, there are some links on the page that you may use to quickly download the required setup file and the user guide.
Wipido – The Best Free Screen Recorder
Wipido is a lightweight tool that you can use to record videos for all sorts of purposes. However, it is one of the simplest available tools in this regard. All you have to do in order to start the recording is to drag your mouse over the region that you want to record and click and hold. The recording will start when you release the mouse button.
If you want to stop the recording, you can either press CTRL+C or click the Stop button. The application may not be suitable for more intricate tasks, but it is capable of making it much easier.
Wipido Features:
The most important feature of the application is that you can record

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Wipido features a simple user interface that makes it easy for you to set up and record various video modes, including Screencast, Foto, CamVid, CamVidRec, CamVidToFlash, WP_CamVidInline, FileSrvr, TapeRec, VideoCam, WVidSrvr, VideoCamRec, and VideoToFlash.
You can choose the audio output device to be used for your recording session, including the Microphone, Heads, and Line-in. The feature is very useful if you want to use the computer’s built-in microphone for you screencast.
The program supports file formats such as MP4, AVI, Ogg, FLV, MPEG4, MOV, MPG, MKV, WebM, VOB, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, WMV, etc.
Wipido Reviews:

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What’s New In?

Wipido is available on a wide range of platforms, including Microsoft Windows. It can also be used as a standalone application, and it is a freeware. The developers made Wipido in the hope that the users will be able to record their video screen for different reasons.
The software is a basic screen recorder that provides you with the option of recording the activity of the windows as they appear on your screen. The interface of the program is somewhat limited and it comes with a simple user interface. However, the program is simple to use and record screen activities.
Wipido Features:
Basic Screen Recorder:
One of the aspects of Wipido that makes it one of the best screen recorders is the recording of the videos that are played from a video file. It is also notable that the program is a simple one, and you need not run any other tool to accomplish the task.
You do not need to install a video playing software such as AviDemux in order to record a video file, which means that Wipido works reliably and does not require any computer resources. The interface of the program is quite simple and it has a limited number of features. On the bright side, the program does not need an installation, which means that it is a standalone application.
In spite of the restrictions, it is still a useful tool for those who wish to record their activities, and it can provide you with a simple way of doing the job.
Free Version:
Wipido is available as a free version that is limited to recording activities, but you have no video editing features. However, you can choose between two recording modes. The first one is the Quick Save mode that requires you to input a file name, and you can also choose the device that you want to record the video file with. The second mode is the Quick Save mode that allows you to record your activity automatically without you having to specify anything other than a folder.
When the recording is done, the file is saved to the specified location. You can also choose from different options such as audio quality, video quality, and video compression. You can use the program without having any experience, and it is a standalone application. In spite of the restrictions, the program still provides you with the functionality that is needed.
Wipido settings:
The Wipido settings form a sizable portion of the program, and the best part is that you can customize the settings based on your requirements. You can configure the program

System Requirements For Wipido:

• Hard Disk Drive: 1.5 GB
• RAM: 256 MB
• OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista
• Internet: Broadband Internet connection
• Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card
• DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
• DVD-ROM Drive
• USB Keyboard and Mouse (for DVD-ROM in-game control)
• 256MB Video RAM
• Power: Required power supply capable of 5.0V – 15.0V and must have a 2.