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NameElden Ring
Rating4.28 / 5 ( 1715 votes )
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«Tarnished» is a fantasy action RPG that deeply intertwines a visual and dramatic experience. Through dialogue choices and with the emergence of a cast of characters that change according to your actions, you experience a story in which countless opinions clash and conclusions are reached.

«Tarnished» makes use of a character development system based on a large variety of skills. You can acquire a variety of skills through the main story, and grow them further using several recipes that are unique to the world of «Tarnished.» You can even combine them in order to create a unique skill that matches your play style.

In «Tarnished,» you gain levels through experience and level up, but you do not have to repeat story missions. Experience is gained by defeating enemies, but you can also obtain experience through conversation options. Through dialogue with your party members, your own dialogue options, or by listening to the messages of others, you can obtain unique recipes that will allow you to gain new skills.

«Tarnished» is composed of a number of large battle regions and is accessible for single-player and multiplayer content.Oxidized LDL induces NF-kappaB activation in microglia via a TLR2/Rac-1/RhoA pathway.
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Additional Information

NameElden Ring
Rating4.28 / 5 ( 1715 votes )
Update(3 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Stunning 3D graphically-rich graphics and high-quality animation.
  • A game that can accommodate both advanced or novice players.
  • A game that rewards total immersion in the story.
  • An exciting tale full of new battles and thrilling story events.
  • An epic and original story based on players’ live input and a deep-rooted myth.
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    The ultimate fantasy action RPG is about to launch! Please take our survey before the game launches to get access to it.If you have not responded to the survey, you will be automatically qualified to download the game.

    1. Where to start

    Players are given numerous player choices that you will not be able to make in the main campaign. Here’s a brief intro and advice on how to begin your journey.

    (A) Players are given several options at the beginning of the game. You must decide which ending path to pursue. If you choose the Warrior’s or Mage’s ending path, you must begin from Chapter 1, and your story will only continue if you proceed to Chapter 2.

    (B) The main storyline (Chapters 1-4) are the same. However, certain events (Chapter 1) are not available if you choose other endings. For example, you will not be able to meet Altena (Chapter 2) if you choose the Warrior’s or the Mage’s ending path. If you choose the Oldie’s ending path, you will be able to meet Altena, because you will have finished Chapter 1 before starting Chapter 2.

    (C) Another way to approach the story is by playing all of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and then branching off to other paths. You will have the option to choose different path, even if you have already cleared other endings. This is known as the “Undecided” path.

    The game also features a “Side Story” that contains many optional quests and events which do not affect the ending. You can play all the quests and get all the trophies by playing either of the Main Story’s two route, which is the “Undecided” route, or the “Side Story” route.

    2. Items/Magic/Shop

    The items (weapons, armor, etc.) in the game are procedurally generated. The items you purchase at the shop (Chapter 3) are also procedurally generated. The price for each item is also procedurally generated.

    The item prices will vary by region. You will be able to buy items at a cheaper price by purchasing them in the shop in Chapter 3 of the Main Story.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    When you sign up for an Elden Ring account, you can create your own name. We acknowledge that he/she appears on the (regular name). Due to copyright infringement, your country name does not appear on this website. Therefore, we are required to change the country names in the character information, such as visage, equipment, and talents. Your country name can be changed at

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    In the spirit of its predecessors, Elden Ring is a first-person action RPG that combines the elements of action, role-playing and strategy, with the same visual style as the award-winning Witcher series.
    On a vast world full of adventures, dangers, and monsters, you will embark on the quest to explore and master the power of the Elden Ring. As you forge your way through a violent and hostile world, you will battle on-screen enemies, plunder rich loot, and find the tools you need to find your place within the untamed lands.
    The new character generation system puts some important decisions in your hands, allowing you to develop your own character’s traits and play style.
    Designed and developed by CD Projekt RED, the creators of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077.
    This is the (early) pre-release version for ELDEN RING, while the final version has not yet been released.
    This version will be updated with new content after the game’s launch.
    Elden Ring is an action RPG in the vein of the Witcher series and its previous entry, Cyberpunk 2077, set in a fantasy world.
    You will take on the role of a Tarnished Knight, your only goal to survive and reclaim the lost lands of the Elden Ring.
    – High-Quality Graphics
    – High-Definition Animations
    – Epic Grand Campaign
    – Customizable Characters
    – Fast-Paced Action Combat
    – Rich and Compelling Story
    – Thousands of Items and Monsters to Find
    – Game Modes for Solo and Multiplayer Gaming
    The Tarnished Knights, are the only remaining free descendants of the Elden Ring.
    Their struggle for freedom has taken many forms across the lands, from the indomitable bandits of the Wilds to the powerful armies of the Empire. They have clashed in bloody battles across the globe, from the snow-capped mountains of the mountains to the murky swamp of the Deserts.
    Some rise to positions of power, like the


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