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Welcome to the world of Elven Knights, or Land Between: Tarnished Heroes! It has been ten years since Lord Seliphin’s death, and the future of the Elven nation is in danger. A group of Elves, known as the Silver Guardians, are working toward the salvation of Elven. However, their opposition comprises strong warriors and magic users far surpassing their power.

Although we are new players in the world of Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen, we assure that we are not here to deliver a bad game and are making various efforts to make a perfect game. We are glad if you join us and share the joy with us.





Characters can now be customized in many ways. You can customize their face and hairstyle, their clothing, even change their weapons, or change their outfits. You can even change the appearance of the armor. You can change your character’s equipment depending on the situation.


In the earlier version of Tarnished Heroes, the only way to change your gear was to equipe them all over again. This means that if you wear a set of gear, you are limited to what you can equip, and change your gear requires equipping the new gear as well. Now, you can make temporary customizations to your characters’ gear, and a set of items you can use will be automatically replenished after a certain period of time.


※ Not all items are available for purchase

◆ Flash Banner

A banner that can be displayed on your website. It will be automatically sent to your game for every log-on and can be displayed when logging in.

◆ Improvement of Support on the Website

We believe that the quality of our game is highly dependent on the quality of our website. All bugs and issues that you are having are very important to us. To provide you with a better and more efficient support, we are trying to give priority to those who experience a lot of bugs, and those who experience serious issues.

※ Shop Expanded for ABILITY

The ability point of each character can be exchanged at anytime, and the amount of ability points you have are displayed in the background


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Patchwork World with Exciting Adaptive Online Play:
    A vast world in which open plains, forests, and other places are connected. A world with all kinds of climates and environments, as well as a multitude of situations and events that will keep players on their toes. A true fantasy adventure where you will be immersed in a unique multiplayer experience where the two great forces of Light and Darkness begin to collide over the Lands Between. The online feature allows players to freely interact with other players who occupy the same place, take part in a variety of activities, and develop their own online games.
  • A Customizable Player Character:
    Adjust the appearance and equipment for your character and create a personalized character. You are able to freely interchange weapons, armor, and magic, and, along with customization, you can enjoy a rich visual experience.
  • A World Map with Dynamic Content:
    Plan your strategy by gradually discovering areas on the dynamic world map. Defend your territory or travel to explore, and fight against other players, monsters, or NPC enemies. You will be able to view a dynamic map (you can customize the design) while traveling and have fun as you keep up with the interesting happenings in the game.
  • A Classic Visual World:
    A fantasy world in which vegetation and landscapes are realistically depicted to enhance the sense of realism. Enjoy a beautiful land that will provide a sense of adventure when you leave the safe environment of the town and explore the vast world full of excitement.
  • A Variety of Classes:
    Enjoy free character setup and limitless enjoyment by engaging in a myriad of activities.
  • Mystical Combat with the Force of Light and Darkness:
    Enjoy combat that intertwines weapons from all over the world as you fight against monsters that lie in wait in the depths of different dungeons.
  • Features to Excite Players of all Ages:
    Players can enjoy a truly entertaining game experience by creating customized weapons, skills, armor, and magic, and adding to them to their favorite character.
  • A Customizable Player Character:
    Customize the appearance and equipment of your character to create a personal avatar that reflects your unique preferences and play style. You can develop your character according to your


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

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    Elden Ring


    Elden Ring Crack [Win/Mac]

    • Free/Bundled Gameplay Modes
    Online, versus and standalone.
    • Grand Battles, the House Decrees, and Challenges
    Between stories, battles, the game features varied content that allows you to enjoy variety in its gameplay.
    • Adventure map that you can freely move to
    The story map that you move between is freely roamable, and you will be able to experience a variety of content from its root node.
    Story of Tarnished Gods
    • The World of Astanna is in Ruins
    The world of Astanna is in ruins. Bands of monsters from a faraway land are pillaging the remnants of the remnants.
    • You are a Tarnished God, the Caretaker of an Arcane Fruit Tree.
    A tattered creature known as “Tarnished God” is caught in between. In this world of ruins and the remnants of former races, the power of fate brings you from the Lands Between to the world of Astanna.
    • You become Tarnished God by enhancing your blessings and fulfilling your destiny.
    Tarnished Gods, who are rare, are extremely valuable. However, it is extremely difficult to become a Tarnished God.
    Heroism and Tarnishment
    • Play as a Tarnished God
    As a Tarnished God, you will have to embrace the Tarnish Judgment
    and complete quests and free Astanna’s suffering
    and return to normal.
    • Banish the Gods of Destruction
    In order to become a Tarnished God, you must first banish the Gods of Destruction who are no longer needed.
    • Tarnish Judgment
    Tarnish is only a mere component of fate.
    It is a stage in the transition between being a god and being human.
    Tarnish that arises with the gods is the foundation of the Tarnished World.
    The Tarnished Gods are people who have been changed into Gods of Destruction
    by the determination of fate.
    They are cast out and must be removed.
    • Gods of Destruction
    The Gods of Destruction are the intermediaries for change
    between Gods and humans.
    They have their own goals, and they arise and function within the world.
    They are the Gods of Destruction as the intermediaries.
    They are individuated.
    • Elder God
    The Elder God is the oldest deity among all the Gods.
    Despite his strong ties to the world, the Elder God has been set apart from the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Play a humorous RP-Fantasy game as High School Belles and delve into the irresistible world of ‘Cosplay cafe.
    • A new school year and a time when everything starts over.
    but life is not as easy as we think.
    Want to play an exciting and role-playing game with high school girls?
    BE an Attendance Girl and a Goddess-like Instructor!
    («Goddess-like» is a reference to a page that seems always to be open at the main menu.)
    In this game, you can choose to play as a person who learns in this new school year, or as an instructor who raises rich high schoolers.
    I’ll teach you the way of the world and tell you who you want to be!

    Explore a unique 3D RPG based on vivid, believable characters by the respective author.
    Featuring a wide variety of RPG skills.
    • The drama of a billionaire and his charming secretary are charmingly interwoven.
    • The drama of a rich kid and his fashionable "B-men" are passable and colorful.
    • The drama of a rich kid and the attendant drama of his kids…
    Highly charismatic characters in the books and stories of Lolita.
    • Ingeniously designed, the game story by writer Telling DC has gathered a broad croud of fans.
    1. The United States of America has fallen into chaos.
    2. The embezzlement of the national budget has turned into a large scale criminal act.
    3…. The Commander of the Thunder Gun Corps named «Sosoya» has fallen…
    4…. and the island nation of Spineless, which once ruled all of the world, has fallen.
    * The president has declared an emergency decree.

    Witness the true nature of the criminal called "Elder"
    * Receive a fully manual, moon-shaped super gun called "Arrow Blade"!

    The simulation data for operator units is missing.
    Elder no longer has a simulation data of operator units!
    Your Might Hero has exceptional aim, and it&


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    System Requirements:

    Due to the amount of mods applied and being a paid item I have to warn that they can require certain specifications to run and play properly. In my experience the mod has been stable on every PC I have tested it with.
    For the client you need a fairly stable connection to work properly. I have tested this mod with a ping of 60ms to my ISP. If your connection is unstable or you have a bad ISP you may need to lower the rate to 10ms to accommodate.
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