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“If you’re always wondering about what kind of game is Talos Revolt, a story-driven action RPG with a unique fantasy world is perfect to catch your eye. Your character travels to the Lands Between, a place where dragons and monsters gather around a legendary tree. It’s a world full of diverse and exciting stories and events that you can only find in fantasy stories. You are a member of the Elden Ring, which is a group that protects the tree.

As a member of the Elden Ring, you can equip weapons, armor, and magic. The unique power of the Elden Ring gives you the power to create chains that bind monsters with the power of the tree.

Explore a vast world full of Dungeons and exciting events. As you progress, the story unfolds in a unique and beautiful way.”

Elder Scrolls Online,

No, I am not a NPC. I am just a person who developed something that left an indelible impression on me. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the game.I’ve gotten to the point of collecting metadata. The collection started because I wanted to find some pictures of my wife and I that I took in Italy. I have a Canon 7D and a 50mm f/1.8 lens, so I use Lightroom 4.0 to open images.

So I have a folder on my PC labeled with the trip date, people’s names, and then what I like to call category tags. The categories are:

Lake Como

Villa d’Este




We went to Venice last year on vacation. For four days, we explored the city, got a nice hotel near the main piazza, and went out and about on the canals. We were joined by two other couples, who stayed at the same hotel. I took pictures. These are the results.

I use a 50mm f/1.8 lens, which is sharp and does not focus close enough for tight portraits. I bought a 50mm f/2 for that reason, and it turns out that it’s a perfect lens for this kind of work.

More importantly, I use the 50mm f/2 lens to take pictures of people for a living. I’ll


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Japanime
    • Expand Online: Add friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and continuously play together online.
    • Solo Adventure: Come together with friends and go on adventures.
    • Various Characters: You can change the appearance of the characters.
    • Customizable Weapons and Magic: You can freely customize the characters’ appearance, weapons, and abilities. You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic to customize your character.
    • Training Modes
      • Time Racing: You try to rush through the training trial as fast as possible. You can upgrade the weapon and magic every time you pass through each trial.
      • Collectibles: Collect the while orbs to gain character experience points (CP) and to learn new skills. Note that the more orbs you collect, the more CP you will gain.
      • Stadium: Reach max CP and go to the stadium to get crystals. You can use crystals to increase the CP of your character.
      • Adventure Map: Unlock adventures to get even more CP.
      • Craft Materials: Invest time and effort into the crafting skills to earn more materials. The amount of materials you can get from each skill depends on the difficulty of the skill.
      • Recipe: You can get stronger materials by improving the recipes.
      • Bonus Objectives: You can get materials or materials for an item from collecting bonus objectives.
      • Rewards
        • Enchantment Scrolls: Earn a scroll that can upgrade weapons and magic as you gain CP.
        • Crowns: Invest in one of the items you like or trade to others.
        • Parts: Part materials after combining items to make weapons, armor and so on.
    • Social Connections: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
    • Vibes: Share statuses, characters, items, etc.
    • Avatars: Adjust the appearance of your avatars to fit the game style.
    • Rating System: People can rate your adventures and characters for your advice.
    • System
      • Time Travel


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        «The strange fantasy world and story design really surprised me… I really recommend this game. It is a rare RPG that is engaging without any flat conversation points.»

        It is a touch and go type of gameplay, almost reminiscent of a classic RPG such as The Legend of Zelda with Link as you progress through the story. The game has high replay value due to the many different story branches leading to different endings. The graphics and presentation are easily my favorite aspect of the game. The photo-realistic yet cartoony style really is a nice change of pace. It gives the game a very cute and light hearted tone despite the heaviness of the storyline.

        Gameplay is perhaps the biggest differentiator here. The traditional RPG is probably a bit too similar to this game. The unique three-dimensional cartoony graphics are what I can’t quite put my finger on, but I think I would call it life-like. The battlefield consists of a three-dimensional world that can be rotated and angled. You can move right, left, forward, backward, and even up and down. This aspect really adds to the feeling of being in a 3D game while still having the same traditional gameplay.

        Battle scenes are randomly generated and can be anything from open battlefields, dark dungeons with even more enemies, and even friendly towns. The combat feels very natural and intuitive, and provides a good amount of depth in that players can heal, use items, and even just teleport.

        The combat is the main point of the game, however, with over 100 different enemy types to battle. There are some enemies that require specific tactics to defeat, however the enemies’ design, tactics, and weaknesses are all randomized so that players can find and experiment different strategies. Also, the combat itself is quite interesting. The combat is extremely fluid and engaging. It is like a mini-RPG of sorts.

        The dialogue itself is better than most recent RPGs I have seen. Because there are many different characters, each character reacts differently to everything you say, adding a twist to the typical RPG. The well written characters add life to the story, which is in turn very interesting and engaging. With over 20 different endings, you may have a different story depending on the way you choose to play.

        Final thoughts:

        This game is a great mix of traditional RPG, action RPG, and 3D combat RPG. You really need to play it to


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        What is the Tarnished Scale?

        The Tarnished Scale is an important currency to be used during online play.
        Tarnished Scales are obtained by winning battles in the online environment. When you play online, you will be able to see the levels and the amount of Tarnished Scales you have on the screen.
        The more powerful monsters you defeat, the higher the level and amount of Tarnished Scales will increase.
        If you win more battles, the number of Tarnished Scales will increase by 5
        Earned Tarnished Scales can be exchanged for EXP, Magic Stones, Soul Stones, Gysahl Greens, and Premium Scrolls.

        Game Tips

        • Monsters are weak at the beginning of the game, so the simpler characters will be able to take on more powerful monsters.
        • Monsters will get stronger as you level up.
        • Earned Tarnished Scales increase as you level up.
        • When you initiate an online battle, you will be able to see the level of monsters and the number of Tarnished Scales you have.
        • The number of Tarnished Scales you have is displayed in a separate tab.
        • Earned Tarnished Scales will increase as you level up.
        • You will be able to set your own requirements for Tarnished Scales before online play, which can help you determine the difficulty of the online environment.
        • As you advance, you will be able to earn Tarnished Scales more easily.

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        What’s new in Elden Ring:

        • Visit the Covenants!
        Access the covenants, regions in the Lands Between to play with other players.

        • Quest for Coin
        Unlock special items and abilities depending on your level! Grow your own skills!

        • Fantasy Thrillers
        In the world of Elden, create your own tale within the Lands Between. Find allies, experience quests, and interact with others.

        • Console-like Graphics
        Experience a breath of art in the fantasy worlds of […]

        ]]Top Gear is making a return to American soil, but it’s about as far away from Jacksonville, Florida as you can possibly get.

        In anticipation of the full-scale return of “Top Gear” to American soil, we’ve hit up each of the hosts to learn a little more about their various vices, quirks, guns, what they’ll eat on their long hot soaks, and of course, what they think about Atlanta.

        Of course, as mentioned, one of Top Gear’s big selling points is that the crew drive around in hot hatchbacks, and for simplicity’s sake, we’ve grouped the cars into two categories: Normal, which consists of ordinary hot hatches, and Fast, which are far more special.

        Jeremy Clarkson: Fiat 500

        Jeremy Clarkson: Fiat 500

        Mitchumi Sunderland: Toyota Yaris

        Mitchumi Sunderland: Toyota Yaris

        Matteo Lavucci: Alfa Romeo 147

        Matteo Lavucci: Alfa Romeo 147

        James May: Ford Focus

        James May: Ford Focus

        Jason Plato: Volkswagen Golf

        Jason Plato: Volkswagen Golf

        Sebastian Coe: Renault Duster

        Sebastian Coe: Renault Duster

        Thanks for all your fantastic Top Gear comments, you guys, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for when the season starts on January 28.

        Top Gear is setting up a Top Gear-Style test track in the city of Miami, Florida, so it looks like a bunch of the rules will remain similar to those outlined over


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      How to Play:

      • Creation of characters: you will be guided to the creation screen when doing a new installation. You can set your starting attributes with the use of the character creation screen. When creating a new character, it is possible to change his hair, eyes, and lip color.
      • Class determination: You can choose a class directly from the class indication screen. The maximum level of the classes and the number of skill points that appear in them are indicated in the “Class Determination” screen.

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