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Quick BoxMaker Crack [Win/Mac]







Quick BoxMaker Crack+ With License Key [Win/Mac]

Quick BoxMaker! Lets you make a box or book cover for your page as easily as double clicking a button!
Create a box or book cover from scratch, or tweak an existing design, choosing from an extensive set of presets!
Quickly export your design to a high quality PDF, PNG, or BMP file!
High quality design allows for flexible presentations, like t-shirt campaigns or wedding announcements.
Quickly create your own toolbox covers and book covers!
Beginners will appreciate the easy to follow instructions!


What are the benefits of this program?

There are countless cover designs you can choose from.
Additional styles can be enabled, and you can even replace the default grid with an image of your own design.
You can easily customize the dimensions of each component so they fit the image you’ve chosen.
Custom textures are included.


Windows XP or better
Internet Explorer 8
.NET Framework 4.5

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Very nice!


What do you think about it?

Quick BoxMaker is a great software to create cover designs for your book. It has a simple to understand interface that allows you to create a box in no time. The Grid is customizable and the Picture you are using is as good as the Box. I recommend it 100%.Download it on Windows

Oh my god


Great application

Very good application for making good covers for posters and product boxes, and also for pre-designed covers, because all sizes are customizable.Download it on Windows

Perfect quick way to make box/cover


What do you think about it?

It is easy to use and creates a perfect box. The customization options are the same as in Adobe Illustrator, which is great.Download it on WindowsQ:

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Quick BoxMaker Crack+ [2022-Latest]

1. A lot of application behaviors are too different from Quick BoxMaker and not recognized for media application. Quick BoxMaker is a multi-media application making boxes and book covers for it. Supports multiple formats of pictures such as BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.
2. There are some interfaces and controls in Quick BoxMaker you can’t find in other graphic designing tool, such as Object-Oriented interfaces, Pixel-Based interface or the one which can be applied to rich media.
3. The Box Maker is not only a drawing tool, but also supports a lot of graphic designing functions such as printing, print preview, layout, etc.
4. You don’t need to be computer literate or a graphic designer to use Box Maker, the Box Maker has some easier functions. You can draw and edit boxes and books in either pixel-based or vector-based manner.
5. Quick BoxMaker: it’s designed in 3D software environment. It’s rather robust and easy to manipulate. The tool provides the most flexible and advanced features in this kind of graphic designing tool.
6. Quick BoxMaker supports.BMP,.JPG,.PNG image formats and some image formats, such as.ICO,.EMF,.WMF,.SWF,.DSC,.PDF, and.GIF.
7. You can also design other type of images, just like.DWG,.CAD,.XD,.PSD,.AI,.EPS,.DXF,.XDL,.DWG,.XCF,.PS,.PDF,.DXF,.SVG,.XML.
8. It can design books, boxes, gift boxes, etc.
9. Quick BoxMaker features multiple image saving formats, such as BMP, JPG, PNG, etc. and you can edit and save pictures in the supported formats.
10. The Box Maker is an easy way to make boxes and books.

The information superhighway managed to attract the attention of individuals and businesses as a worldwide place for nearly anything you can think of. As such, it quickly became an advertising space for products, and there are specialized tools with which to create neat covers. A suitable example here is Quick BoxMaker.
Design book covers and product boxes
One of the things you notice is the lack of a setup process, which means you can run it by the time download is done

Quick BoxMaker Torrent

The information superhighway managed to attract the attention of individuals and businesses as a worldwide place for nearly anything you can think of. As such, it quickly became an advertising space for products, and there are specialized tools with which to create neat covers. A suitable example here is Quick BoxMaker.

What do you think about this software?

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What’s New In?

Build book and box covers quickly, easily, and in a snap
Quick BoxMaker is the first and only interface that makes it quick and easy to create box and book covers for your digital products. Forget about messy Photoshop and complicated mod …

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Windows XP/Vista
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AMD Athlon 1GHz (with Windows XP)/Mac
Intel Pentium 100MHz (with OS X)
NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS (with Windows XP)/3D Renderer
Recommended hardware:
OS X 10