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Portable BulkPDF 2016.8 Crack With Key Download For Windows

In the digital world, one can move data around with several types of files. From simple TXTs to complex databases of several GBs, the options available for usage are varied. Spreadsheets and PDFs are among the lightweight solutions commonly employed for such tasks and Portable BulkPDF seeks to aid users by providing a method of combining the information stored in these documents.
Requires target PDFs with a certain internal structure
Essentially, the tool allows users to read and extract selected XLS, XLSX, or ODC data and correlate it with fields in an existing PDF file. The end results are multiple Portable Document Format containers that store information from both original items. While this may sound like a great idea, one of the hurdles one has to pass when employing this program is that target PDFs have to have a certain internal structure for the correlation to be viable.
Specifically, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, or list boxes have to be present in the target PDF, as the tool cannot simply migrate information into a bare or unformatted PDF. These technicalities left to the side, the application can target spreadsheets in both Microsoft and Open Office ODC formats.
Batch rename output files
Operations are performed in a highly intuitive manner, as a built-in wizard guides users through the three necessary processing steps. After proper source and target documents have been selected, users are tasked with correlating the spreadsheet columns with the PDF fields. Once this is performed, a batch renaming function can be employed to ensure output documents do not receive identical file names.
Settings can be saved for future jobs (program specific BULKPDF file formats), and the highly simplified process is complete once users click on the “Finish” button.
As a general impression, one can say the application is a practical spreadsheet to PDF information transferal tool
Summing up, the utility is a good option for anyone in need of a spreadsheet to PDF data migration software. It allows one to correlate source data with target fields and yields numerous output files with customizable names.







Portable BulkPDF 2016.8 Crack+ Download [2022]

Portable BulkPDF Overview:
Portable BulkPDF has a simple but practical design and easy-to-use interface. Unlike most similar software tools, Portable BulkPDF does not require users to implement a learning curve to properly process data. A built-in wizard takes the heavy workload of fitting data into PDFs and allows users to edit various source documents before starting the process of data transfer.
Portable BulkPDF Support:
Windows XP/7/8/10
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Portable BulkPDF 2016.8 Activation For PC

The Portable BulkPDF Serial Key is a practical spreadsheet to PDF information transferal tool that can be executed to perform this activity. Simply select the source file and target, then choose the proper columns to migrate between documents.

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Portable BulkPDF 2016.8 Crack+ Full Version

Convert CSV, XLS and XLSX files to CTA-Donations PDF-files and convert PDF-files into CSV or PDF. A file remains in the same folder when the tool is cancelled. The created PDF-file can be used as a template for future documents, and the program can be started from the same folder or from a shortcut link.

Using the program, one can print on one or several printer for each output PDF-file.The folder with the program file remains unchanged or can be used to start the program without saving it on the disk.

Comfortable user interface, few mouse clicks are needed to convert your file.

We do not want to be pushed to any web site. We do not want to be spammed with various items and useless advertisements.We only want the tools we pay for with our money.

You can limit unwanted email. Just uncheck the «Enable automatic receipt of emails» in the program help.

Compatible with Windows 10 and above.

Portable BulkPDF specifications:

Portable ASCII bulk text converter – CSV/XLS/XLSX to PDF converter. Converted PDF files can be saved in the same folder or in another folder on the hard drive. PDF files remain in the same folder after the conversion is performed.

One PC/Mac machine with keyboard and mouse are required to perform all the steps.

Minimum of 2 GB free memory available to the computer.

The program does not work if there is a file open in the program.

How to unzip Portable BulkPDF?

When you install the program you will get an installer. Run the installer to install the portable bulkpdf.exe file. The portable bulkpdf.exe will copy all the data of the software to your local data drive. All the files will be unzipped into the software folder.

How to Install Portable BulkPDF?

Double click the setup or Run button to start the setup wizard for the Portable BulkPDF.

If the Portable BulkPDF will be installed on system drive C: drive then click Next button.

Select the destination folder for installation then click the Install button to install the Portable BulkPDF.

After the installation is completed click the Finish button to close the setup wizard.

For Portable BulkPDF requirements and limitations,

Portable BulkPDF Reviews:

empowering expert reviewers to make educated, informative, and user-centric

What’s New In Portable BulkPDF?

Portable BulkPDF is a useful utility for any individual or enterprise that needs to migrate spreadsheets of any size to PDFs. Users are able to select a single file or a batch of documents, and the software will process them in seconds.

One-click convert.

Batch convert.

Assign a new name to every file.

Correlate field of a certain size to a defined field in the PDF.

Preserve a field’s value.

Powerful settings.

With Portable BulkPDF, you can even convert multiple Word and Excel file formats to PDF in a couple of clicks. This software works for all Windows version, including Windows 10. Portable BulkPDF requires both 32-bit and 64-bit.NET framework for installation.
Try Portable BulkPDF – Step-by-step guide.

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System Requirements For Portable BulkPDF:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8 (64bit Windows)
Processor: Intel i3, Intel i5, AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 250 GB HD
Graphics Card: DirectX 11 Compatible with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 or ATI Radeon HD7870. (Good Performance for DirectX 10)
Note: As we have a paid forum to support, we are only capable of supporting Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent processors and have tested with as much as a quad core AMD CPU