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Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used for a variety of presentations, from academic to business ones. This situation has meant an increase in popularity for all plugins that increase productivity, the power of the Office suite, or simply allow users more freedom when designing their presentations.
Hide slides during shows
PlanPoint is one such plugin that allows users to customize their slideshows by adding timer effects, which can hide slides during user-defined intervals. The addon integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or later and new users will find its dedicated ribbon highly intuitive and easy to grasp.
The addon can be employed both with old presentations or new projects and putting it to work requires only a simple tick on the “PlanPoint enabled” checkbox. There are multiple scheduling choices for users, including options to display slides only during selected days and even during certain hours.
Integrates well with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or later
What's more, adding time constraints can be performed by picking dates from a built-in calendar. Two auxiliary options control the slideshow's behavior when time constraints are eliminated. For example, one can adjust the show to jump immediately to a scheduled slide, once the time limits are eliminated. Another option is to show the slide at an exact hour or skip it altogether.
One of the great features of this add-in is that it allows one to schedule individual slides from within the same show. This is a great method of creating highly customized presentations, which are tailor-made for the specific tastes and needs of users.
The plugin allows users to select when slides are displayed and when they remain hidden from view
To sum up, PlanPoint is a simple, but effective PowerPoint add-in that can be useful to anyone interested in inserting time constraints to their presentations.









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The 13 Best Presentation Tools

If your company has an obligation to go through a certain amount of paperwork then it is wise to get software that can help you manage these tasks. There are a wide variety of presentation tools and it is important that your software can handle the paperwork associated with your job.

There are many ways in which you can organize your business papers. We’ve managed to pick the 13 best presentation tools in the world.

Smart Draw

Smart Draw is a neat program that allows users to mix images and PowerPoint slides. The tool has a feature that lets users import their PowerPoint slides and then import PowerPoint slides into Smart Draw. There are several ways to incorporate the PowerPoint slides into images. Smart Draw can convert PowerPoint slides into images using a Smart Brush. You can then change the direction of the brush based on a panel that can be displayed on the slide or inserted into the user interface of the software.

You can also import images or photos into Smart Draw to make a themed presentation. This can be useful if you work in an organization that has a specific theme that will match the layout of each individual presentation.


WebMaily is a presentation tool that has a built-in email-to-PowerPoint converter. This means that users can be productive in the field by simply sending a link to an email and then using WebMaily to view the PowerPoint presentation that was generated.

Microsoft Office Online

If you would like to save a lot of time you should have a PowerPoint add-in that will let you do the hard work for you. One of the best PowerPoint add-ins that we have seen is Microsoft Office Online. Microsoft Office Online allows you to save big chunks of data to a web-based document. Once these documents are saved to the web you can then download them to an existing presentation or if you are using the collaborative features you can upload them to a Microsoft Office Online enabled server.


Aspose is a PowerPoint add-in that provides users with the ability to convert files to PowerPoint presentations. The tool supports and offers a wide variety of options. This means that you will not have to

PlanPoint Crack+ With License Code Download

PlanPoint Product Key is an add-in for PowerPoint 2010 or higher, which enables users to show and hide slides during a presentation. The addon has been designed to integrate with the PowerPoint timeline and allows users to add time constraints to their presentation that can be freely scheduled.

Calculate various math functions, such as logarithms, square roots, r2, standard deviation, correlation, and more. Sqrt and Log are particularly useful.

Multiple Math features such as the Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, and more.

Math plugins are not commonly found in most presentations, but they can be very useful in presenting special topics with a whole new focus, in discussing probabilities, risk evaluation, financial or mathematical statistics, etc.

The Problems of the Math Categories
But it is not so easy to find a good plugin in the research market because we do not find Math and Statistics – related plugins. The format of the presentation becomes inaccessible because of this weakness.

When using a web presentation that are designed for a particular company, it’s very hard to change it at a later stage.

The other problem that does not allow users to create a professional presentation, is that we do not find plugins developed by engineers or professional animators.

Show graphs during the presentation
Graphs and charts are essential for presenting specific topics. They are also used to evaluate the risk of a product, the quality of a construction, a performance of a machine, etc.

Here are some problems with the Math Categories:

It is not easy to change the template in a later stage.

Users can not add plugins without already knowing their category.

The charts are not animated and can only be included in one slide.

It is not possible to use only the charts and graphs during the presentation, which hinders the technical presentation.

Many plugins do not function in a professional manner, not even if they have been thoroughly tested.

The most common Math and Statistics games are Alligator (or something like this), the Play-Doh (that’s it), The Pinball Machine, Mr Spock, How Many Fingers am I Holding Up? Do I Have Five or Ten?

The problem with Alligator and Play-Doh is that they do not have an end product. The player gets more and more points, but at the end of the game only 1 or 2 products are shown.

Mr Spock is fun for a while, but after

PlanPoint Crack License Keygen [Latest] 2022

Smart business partner for PowerPoint.PlanPoint is both an add-in and a PowerPoint plug-in for inserting time-related constraints. PlanPoint allows users to define the specific time when they want to show each of the slides in a presentation.

Be a presenter without making a presentation.PlanPoint is both an add-in and a PowerPoint plug-in for inserting time-related constraints. PlanPoint allows users to define the specific time when they want to show each of the slides in a presentation. The addon makes presentations highly customizable as its timeline controls offer unique and flexible options that can be integrated with the PowerPoint GUI in either a global or a series fashion.

How to download and install the PlanPoint Plugin:

Step 1:Go to the Plugin’s website, download and install the addon.Step 2:Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

For more information, please contact us
To get a free trial, simply send an email with the following information:

Please fill out the contact form here to request a free trial:Q:

Integration by parts with anti-derivative signs

I want to integrate by parts the integral
$$f(x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{x}}\int_0^x f(t)dt$$
with $f(x) = f(t) = t \ln x$.
I have tried both:
Integrate[f(x) /. x -> t, {t, 0, x}, Assumptions -> {x > 0}]

Integrate[t (Log x) Derivative[1, 0][f][x], {x, 0, Infinity},
Assumptions -> {f[0] == 0}]

The first of the two gives:
$$\frac{x}{2\sqrt{x}}-\frac{\pi }{4\sqrt{x}}+\frac{\sqrt[3]{x}}{6}+C$$
The second of the two gives:
$$\frac{1}{2}\sqrt[3]{x}\left(\left(-3 \sqrt[3]{x}+2 \sqrt{x}+\sqrt[3]{x} \log \left(x \sq

What’s New In?

PlanPoint lets you schedule hide and show of each PowerPoint slide.
With PlanPoint, you can use timer to hide and show a PowerPoint slide.
Select the «Hide» or «Unhide» command icon to hide or unhide a slide.
Select the «Pause» or «Resume» command icon to pause and resume slideshow.
Select the «Start» or «Stop» command icon to make the timer starts or stops.
You can choose to the «Pause» or «Resume» command icon to pause and resume the slideshow.
You can select the «Start» or «Stop» command icon to start or stop the timer.
You can choose to «Hide» or «Unhide» slide command icon to hide or unhide slide.
1. Scheduling timer schedule using Microsoft PowerPoint.
2. Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or later.
3. One can schedule individual slide in the same show.
4. The slide can remain hidden during defined time.
5. You can select when slides will remain hidden.
6. You can have many small timers.
7. You can select different timers, including a timer label, a time and more.
8. You can add a reminder note on the slide you want to remain hidden.
9. You can organize your timers using the folder option.
10. When you create a timer, you can choose whether to reset the timer or not.
11. You can also have an alarm of your choice set on the slide where you want to hide.
12. You can have a different effect on each timer.
13. You can create a custom timer label for each slide.
14. You can select all occurrences for a timer.
15. You can select all slides where you want to hide or unhide with each timer.
16. You can also show up to 16 timers.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7
CPU: x64-based processor, 32-bit compatibility mode available
GPU: DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card
HDD: 1 GB available space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Additional Notes:
Supported Visual Styles:
D3D9 : Supports the following visual styles: Normal, Medium, High, and Extreme
: Supports the following visual styles: D3D10