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Portable CD Offline is a software tool that can be used in order to help you browse the contents of your CDs, without actually having to insert them each time, by indexing them.
Advantages of portability
This is the portable version of CD Offline and therefore, the installation process is not a must. You can copy the program files to any location on the hard drive, and double-click the executable in order to run it. Moreover, by placing the aforementioned files on an external data device, such as a pen drive, you can use the utility on any machine you have been granted access to.
Another noteworthy aspect is that the Windows registry is not going to suffer any kind of changes due to Portable CD Offline’s presence on the hard drive, and after its removal, no leftovers will remain.
Outdated, yet intuitive interface
The UI you come face to face with presents quite an outdated design, yet it happens to be neatly organized. It includes a menu bar, several buttons and a few panels to help you view a folder structure, archives and all containing items. It is easily accessible to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with computers.
Multiple options to tinker with
Archives can be created by providing source directory and information such as name, medium, type, owner and description. All created entries can be exported to the hard drive in an HTML or CD format.
A search function can be used, the language can be changed and the view is subject to change. From the settings panel you can adjust the color of almost all available options, use system associated icons, enable dragging and dropping between windows, and save settings to an INI file.
To wrap up, we can safely say Portable CD Offline is a pretty handy piece of software which facilitates offline browsing of CD contents. All jobs are performed swiftly and CPU and memory usage remains at a low level. However, it has not been updated in quite a while.







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The Pings Z-Tool is a program designed to help create pings (or ICMP echo requests). This is an easy tool, and you don’t even have to install anything in order to use it.
Pings Z-Tool features:
– Supports IPv4 and IPv6
– Supports various ping protocols (ICMP, TCP, UDP, etc. )
– Allows you to execute ping command line
– Performs tasks by specifying the target IP address and port number
– Runs either as a standalone console application or Windows application
– Allows you to set the number of packets sent, period of time, and other factors that are used to determine the response of the target host
You can easily configure all the parameters in the interface, and there is nothing else to be configured or done. You only have to paste the IP address or host name, the port number, and the number of packets, and wait for the results to come in. If the target host fails to respond, you will be informed immediately, and you can choose to repeat the ping procedure.
All in all, Pings Description is a simple yet powerful tool you can use for creating pings. The program is free and has no in-built ads, so you don’t have to worry about getting trapped into unwanted or malware ads.
Samsung AllShare Online is a software that allows you to stream videos and multimedia content with other devices on the network. It comes with basic video streaming services, such as YouTube, Samsung Apps, Netflix, etc.
On the other hand, you can also share and stream content from a USB memory stick, phone, PC, or tablet PC. In addition, you can download and add to the AllShare list of services like Plex, VLC, uShare, DragNet, etc.
Having said that, this program will allow you to playback content through various DLNA compatible devices on your network.
Features include:
– Samsung AllShare
– Flash Player support
– Quicktime support
– Viewpoint control
– Optional Auto Play Player (when connected to DLNA Server)
– Printer support
– Web-connected player
– Syncronization
– Central content library
However, although simple to use, the utility can only be used with certain smart TVs on the market.
In conclusion, we should point out that AllShare Online is a portable program, that is available for free, and comes with the core features you need for viewing and streaming video

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Computer speakers are small, round gadgets that you plug into the audio jack on your computer. And with their help, you can enhance your gaming experience, listen to music, or watch a video. They also come in handy in gaming sessions since they help you fight against the distracting effects of bad audio settings.
In this article, we will be having a look at ten useful suggestions that can help you decide on the ideal speaker out there. Also, we will mention a couple of aspects that you should look for so you can pick the right speaker for your computer’s audio jack.
Lion Audio is not your average app. This premium tool boasts a full-featured design that incorporates a stable center and a simple playlist feature. And that means you get a reliable tool, which is designed for people who want better than average results in their listening.
Loudness adjustment
And that’s not all, you can change the volume levels of the center as well as the song that plays in the left or right channels. Go through your library and adjust the volume based on the songs you like.
An intuitive interface that is set to display the song information and album cover as well as add the appropriate metadata. And that includes the song title and duration as well as album cover if available. You can save any song at any point.
You can use Lion Audio on Mac and Windows, and it features an app for iOS as well. This means that you can download it to your smartphone or tablet.
Designed for the high-volume professional user, this application provides you with a range of professional features that include versatility, flexibility, efficiency, durability, and more. It can connect you to an external mixer to help you combine multiple apps and you can use Sonar to sync audio and visual technology to work with audio functions.
The entire setup is completely automated so you won’t have to worry about anything. You can mix music while you do other things, and you can use the mixer to access your computer in case you need to do something more important.
As soon as you start the app, you are greeted with the interface. From there you can see the options you have to choose from and get to the main section where you can find a list of apps. Tap on the app you want to use so you can set its volume or get to the main features. Also, you can start or stop the app.

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Ping is a utility for measuring network latency. It calculates network latency at a specific point in time. It can also be used to periodically measure how fast packets travel through a network.
What is network latency?
Network latency is a common network problem. It’s the difference in time that packets take to travel across a network from a source to a destination. Network latency can be measured in many different ways. Ping is one of the most popular latency measurement tools.
See the network latency graphically
Ping gives you an overview of how fast a packet travels, in terms of time, across your computer network. You can even see in graphical form whether the two computers connected to your network are in sync.
See the network latency graphically
Network latency shows how many milliseconds it takes for a packet to travel a specific amount. If the network latency graph looks incorrect, see if your computer is on the same network as the other computer. If it is on another network, ping is probably not the right tool for measuring network latency.
The following latency measurements are specific to TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) connections. They are not universal and will not be applied to all protocols.

Latency measurements on a TCP/IP connection

Latency Measurement (ms):

Network latency is the difference in time that a packet takes to travel across the computer network from one computer to another. Latency is expressed in terms of numbers. The number of milliseconds is the time it takes for a packet to travel one network distance.

Number of Latency Measurement Types:




Provides all the necessary measures to test if your computer is connected to the Internet. Make sure the router is on and not in a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).


Ping is a utility for measuring network latency at a specific point in time. It calculates the network latency at a specified time interval.


Ping-In is used for measuring the response time of a server, or latency, at the network router from an access point.


Ping-Out is used for measuring the response time of a server, or latency, from the access point.


Ping-Monitor is used for measuring the response time of a server, or latency, from the access point.


What’s New in the Pings?

Pings ( is an application designed for helping you execute a series of system based tests. It runs the command ping in a loop until it achieves the maximum number of specified times (as specified in the application’s preferences).
In order to execute a number of pings on a system you need to specify a package that should be used by the application. Initially, you need to register it, thus telling the application the folder location that contains it.
In addition, you may assign a set of ping commands and parameters that the application will check. You may do this by selecting the PING command from the checklist in the application’s preferences.
Different engine versions
Ping is a script engine that is used by numerous applications; therefore, it is common for the application to be compatible with almost all system and engine versions. It is worth mentioning that it requires at least version 2.4.3 to work.
License, registration and toolbox
Pings is distributed as a non-free application and all users need to register for it in order to use it. You are able to register the application for 99 cents (US$2) or for one year (US$10).
The registration process is provided with a questionnaire where you have the possibility to specify the kind of license you would like and who the recipient of the license is.
What is interesting about Pings is the fact that the application allows you to modify, add, or delete commands at any time; whether you are having performance issues or finding problems with an already installed package.
In this regard, the application offers a command line that enables you to operate the script engine; this console is located in the folder %PROGRAMFILES%\
In-depth analysis of your network connections
Pings comes with a detailed analysis of your network connections. It is a utility that can be used by anyone who wants to gather information about your connection to the Internet.
The app offers two views, either as a list of all the records in a spreadsheet or as a graph of the connections that have been checked.
The upper panel is divided into two columns, the left one being a list of IP addresses while the right one represents the information about the respective host such as name, IP address, city and many others.
On the graphs tab, you are able to view the values found in all records and change the order of the items using a range slider

System Requirements:

* OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit version recommended)
* CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD R9 M290 or better
* Network: Broadband Internet connection
* Storage: 25 GB available space
* Peripherals: Headset, Keyboard, Mouse
* USB ports
* DirectX: Version 11
How to install and Play