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Mail-SeCure series provides organizational networks with an email protection and management solution for VMware platforms. Mail-SeCure is equipped with cutting-edge perimeter security engines that focus on stopping the vast majority of threats by looking at the credibility of their sources before they penetrate the customer’s network. PineApp’s perimeter security approach helps save a substantial amount of system resources previously wasted on unnecessary content inspections. Give Mail-SeCure a try to fully assess its capabilities!







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Mail-SeCure is an email protection and management solution for VMware® platforms. Mail-SeCure fully preserves inbox deliveryability for the company network as mail is copied to a protected storage location while making it impossible to tamper with the integrity of the original message content. In the case of an organization that stores employee email in on-site mailboxes, Mail-SeCure enables users to browse, organize and archive emails with complete mail retention.

To download and explore the capabilities of the Mail-SeCure solution, please take a look at this link to the product specifications (

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and opinions about the Mail-SeCure solution and service offering. Our team of email security experts would be happy to assist you with any queries you might have with regards to the mail protection functionality and management capabilities of this enterprise-grade product.

Thank you very much for your interest in PineApp and our Mail-SeCure product.

**Please get back to us if you wish to learn more about the Mail-SeCure service offering. We would be happy to provide you with additional information and samples for more in-depth analysis.**

Thank you!

Yours sincerely

Caitlin Hennessy – Senior Sales Account Manager

Pineapp Inc.

**[email protected]**
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Mail-SeCure Cracked Version is a perimeter security solution for VMware based email platforms. The technology leverages cutting-edge enterprise-grade machine learning engines that scan incoming messages for malicious content. Mail-SeCure takes a custom detection-based approach that identifies threats before they reach the mail server.
Mail-SeCure offers extensive malware scanning and adware/spyware scanning to ensure compliance with regulations around the world. Mail-SeCure is dedicated to detecting and remediating any adware/spyware that gets past other defenses.  
With Mail-SeCure you can block any email that is considered suspicious or dangerous. No more fears that your mailbox is full of files that you do not want anyone else to see! Mail-SeCure protects against any threat that may breach your mail server in any way. You can efficiently maintain your inbox by integrating it with your other security controls.
Mail-SeCure doesn’t require any changes to your existing mail server and its alerting process can be configured through easy-to-use UI.
Mail-SeCure works regardless of the application that generated the malicious emails or attachments. However, it can identify emails with certain known file types such as PDF and excel.

Mail-SeCure Features include:
Protects against email threats such as viruses, worms, phishing attacks and spam.
Identifies the origin of the email and uses your Content Approval policy to determine if the email can be delivered.
Detects Spam in real time and stops the delivery of that email.
Implements a state-of-the-art rules-based approach to identify and block any email that is considered suspicious or dangerous.

Mail-SeCure for ESXi:

Mail-SeCure delivers protection and management of digital mail for virtualized environments. Learn more about how Mail-SeCure empowers your security team to protect the reputation and credibility of your organization and deliver on your Internet content policy.

Mail-SeCure for Email:

Mail-SeCure delivers protection and management of digital mail for virtualized environments. Learn more about how Mail-SeCure empowers your security team to protect the reputation and credibility of your organization and deliver on your Internet content policy.

Mail-SeCure for Cloud:

CloudMail-SeCure is an email security solution for VMware based Cloud environments

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* Protect your email content
* Filtering of emails based on its content
* Annotation and redactions based on its type
* Deep page-based analysis for more efficient content interpretation
* Email analysis and archiving
* Threat intelligence for community awareness
* Export of attachments for further analysis
* Email archive handling
* Fast response time

Mail-SeCure Discussion:

* What are the benefits of using the Mail-SeCure product?
* What problem does the product solve?
* How does the product compare to the other products of the same category?
* How does the product compare to the other products of the same type?
* What are the pros and cons of the Mail-SeCure product?
* How does the product perform and which are the main characteristics of the product?
* What alternatives do you recommend?

**Price:** Mail-SeCure is free to trial for 30 days. After that period, a license will be required.

**System Requirements:** Mail-SeCure is fully compatible with all VMware platforms.

**Package:** Mail-SeCure is delivered as a packaged product, which provides the installation of the product and the configuration settings needed to properly manage it. To complete the installation, the end-user will need VMware vSphere or vCenter Server 5.5.x.

**Model:** Mail-SeCure is available as a appliance that can be accessed through either VMware vCenter Server or VMware vSphere.

**Supported Licenses:** The product is delivered with a Standard license.

**Trial License Option:** Mail-SeCure is delivered as a trial version. It can be used within 30 days of purchase. For more information, read the  Trial License Reference  document. 

* [Mail-SeCure Resources](

Mail-SeCure Specifications:

* [Mail-SeCure 1.5.0](
* [Mail-SeCure 1.5.0 Reference](

What’s New in the?

– The Original with Cut for VMware
– Advanced for VDI / Citrix
– Granular view of end users and their permissions
– Compliance based on industry and regulatory definitions
– Proactive detection of viruses and malware
– Supports both on-prem and cloud instances
Mail-SeCure Solution Highlights:
– Proactive email security
– Advanced technology, cutting-edge protection engine
– Sophisticated malware detection
– User permissions, who can see what, manage who
– Automatic virus and malware protection
– White listing of email domains and IP addresses
– Email archiving – yes!
Mail-SeCure Validation:
– Verified Mail-SeCure implementations for various industries
– Red Hat partner
– Third-party validation of vulnerability solutions
Mail-SeCure Pricing:
– Pricing available upon request
– Proactive email defense with a monthly SLA
– Email archiving on-prem and cloud
– Reporting and monitoring

Business Smart Assure 360
This security solution has been independently validated to withstand the highest threat of targeted attacks. Smart Assure 360 is the leader in email defense for VMware platforms. Their solutions include both primary and preventive email defense. Email defense is enabled with access controls that work the way your business works. It intercepts threats, erases malicious messages, identifies attack surfaces, and revokes users’ access permissions. Smart Assure 360 also provides all necessary reporting and monitoring of threats. These tools make it easy to identify risky attachments and understand risk exposures within your organization.
Smart Assure 360 Features:
– Technologies for enterprise email defense
– A built-in web-based dashboard for reporting and monitoring
– Automated anti-virus and anti-malware testing
– Email defense and access control
– Pre- and post-campaign reporting
– Website protection
– Backup of all emails
– Performance testing
Smart Assure 360 Validation:
– Verified Smart Assure 360 implementations for various industries
– Microsoft partner
– Third-party validation
Smart Assure 360 Pricing:
– Pricing available upon request
– Pre- and post-campaign reporting
– Email defense and access control
– Website protection
– Backup of all emails
– Performance testing

Ransomware Protection
Ransomware Protection is a cloud-based service that protects sensitive information in two ways; by detecting malware, and by detecting and stopping unauthorized data transfers. The detection of malware allows you to monitor activity in the cloud

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: Intel GMA 950 or NVIDIA 9800
DirectX: Version 9.0
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom
Memory: 2 GB
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