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Oftentimes when developers or regular users need to work with SharePoint lists, they do not pay special attention to the browser used to accomplish the needed tasks and for this reason, sometimes incompatibilities may occur and it could become quite difficult to access and view important data.
To avoid this scenario, when it comes to handling several lists for which some elements must be modified, an add-on like List In-Line Editor could be the best thing to try. It is specialized in managing fields and lists, regardless of the application used for viewing and editing the data.
A great thing about this particular add-on is the fact that with its help it is possible to modify items that otherwise are marked as read-only, like custom columns. Also, List In-Line Editor uses JavaScript, which makes it highly compatible in terms of web technology with other, external applications that can access and display data contained in the items it changes.
The list elements that you want to alter can be added directly from Microsoft Excel and all in the same time. All in all, it is definitely an advantage to be able to personalize any field and increase the compatibility of SharePoint documents through the use of List In-Line Editor.







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List In-Line Editor Free Download is a feature offered by a program called Ajax Post Editer. Now you could use it to edit the items displayed on the SharePoint list as if they were editable from your very own Excel documents.
It helps you in converting the columns to read-only fields. You can still create and edit them by using the In-Line editing mode.
When you are done with your task you are able to export the Excel file to back it up in case you want to completely remove it.
The program also makes it possible to use Excel formulas to add, modify and delete columns. With this tool you can add columns, modify them, and keep them as read-only or set them to be editable.
List In-Line Editor Features:
This software comes with a list of features which includes;

Convert all columns to read-only
Create Excel column formulas
Apply Javascript on it
Use Excel formulas to modify columns
Add columns, modify and keep them as read-only
Excel formulas to add columns, modify and keep them as read-only

How to Install &
Make use of List In-Line Editor

Add the software to your Add/Remove Programs, restart your PC
Open your browser and type «localhost/listinline» (if you are
connecting to a site that is inside your internal network,
something like )
Press the Enter key and fill in the box which comes up with your information.
Select the type of fields you want to edit
and click Go!
You will see the list in Excel editor with the information that you have just entered.
You can also use Excel formulas to add, modify and delete columns.
How to un install & Remove List In-Line Editor

If you want to remove all traces of the program, please follow the instructions below


Select Start>Search, and type Task Manager into the Search box.
You’ll see «Task Manager» listed on the results.
Right-click on «Task Manager» and select «Open file location».
Goto C:\Program Files\Ajax Post Editor\programs and delete the folder.

If you want to remove one specific file(s), go to C:\Program Files\Ajax Post Editor\programs\site_specific_files (if you have more than one installation of List In-Line Editor program

List In-Line Editor Download (Latest)

List in Line Editor is a add-on to SharePoint 2013. This add-on is compatible with SharePoint 2013 and 2016. This add-on could be used to edit list fields and edit list items. This add-on is customizable and easy to use.

How to Install?

To install the add-on first go to your Dashboard in SharePoint and select “Add-ins”. This will open up the “Add-ins” page.

Search for List In Line Editor, click the “Install this add-on for your site” button and install it.

Next, add the List In Line Editor, double-click on the List In Line Editor and create a new list. In the List title, enter something like “List-In-Line-Editor-Testing”.

In the “New item” search bar, enter the the name and the first column to add.

Next, in the “New item” dialog, select the list you want to add the changes to, and then select “OK”.

This will open a new form, and you will have to go to the fields that you want to add and add it. You can also edit the content of the column you want to add and change it. Simply click on the “Move” or “Copy” icon and paste it into the item where you want it to be inserted.

Another feature in List In-Line Editor Torrent Download, is that it will help you to edit your custom fields, according to the category they belong to. To edit the custom fields, select the Custom field that needs to be added, which then will open a dialog box.

Next, go to the Category, and select the category where you want the custom field to be added.

Once you’ve selected the category, click on the “Add Custom Field” button to add a custom field.

Now, in the Add Custom Field pop-up window, choose the custom field type. For instance, if it is a choice list, then the combo box will appear as shown below.

Select from the list and add the custom field to your selected custom field.

Important: Keep in mind that the Choose Multiple option is only for multi-select choices, so if you select multiple options, then they will all be added to the custom field. If

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List In-Line Editor is a web-based application that allows users to add, edit and delete items stored in SharePoint lists. It provides users with a rich feature set allowing them to alter items at all times.
Add, edit and delete items stored in SharePoint lists;
Highly compatible with JavaScript technologies;
Easy to use and immediately accessible to all users
Add, edit and delete items stored in SharePoint lists;
Highly compatible with JavaScript technologies;
Easy to use and immediately accessible to all users



You can use the API’s to read/write to the list.
I would suggest writing your own custom code if you want to allow for modification of the list items.
What it sounds like you might be looking for is a «flash in the pan» solution for web development. In short, you probably will not find a «solution» that works well for the kinds of lists you are talking about. Instead, you probably will find yourself making custom code for each of your applications.

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What’s New in the?

It’s true that in a landscape where everyone has his own device and where we are accustomed to a world of applications that do not necessarily connect with each other, but SharePoint has a different approach regarding the way it works.
It makes the process for creating new applications much easier and faster, and in addition to that, it has a huge collection of predefined functions that are specially designed to avoid common situations in which you may be stuck.
As a developer, you will understand that as soon as you find yourself in a scenario in which you have to use another application, but want to communicate with the database that is contained in SharePoint, you will be automatically directed to the SharePoint API Client Object Model.
One of the great features of this model is that when working with any kind of data, you can get it through a single object of type ClientContext, so you can do anything from getting the list of items to reading the contents in an efficient way that is fully integrated with the platform.

As you can see, there are many things to be said in favor of SharePoint, and one of them is its API. It is a series of classes and methods that are native to the platform, so everything is specially well integrated with the architecture of SharePoint.
One of the things to consider is the fact that it is a very powerful set of libraries, and anyone who is coming to SharePoint for the first time might find it a bit overwhelming.
However, the main thing is to realize that with the help of it, you can access almost any document and perform multiple tasks in a simple and efficient way.
List In-Line Editor Prerequisites:
As I previously mentioned, this add-on is focused on what is known as document-level editing, so you will definitely need to have JavaScript support.
This means that you will have to know what JavaScript is and what it can do and what it is unable to do. The good thing is that to be able to use it, you will only need to have a minimum knowledge about this field.
In terms of version or SharePoint, List In-Line Editor will work on basically any version of the platform, but as you might imagine, there are a few limitations that you may have to take into account.

Moreover, it works in Internet Explorer, which makes it compatible with any browser of the year, but this should not mean that you will have problems working with it because there are a few things that you can do

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Mac OS X 10.7
2 GHz Dual Core Processor
2 GB Hard Drive
1060 PPI or above screen
Can be played offline
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