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Laverna 14.0.0 Crack + (Updated 2022)

Note-taking application with focus on simplicity and ease of use. Laverna is a tool that replaces traditional methods of note-taking by opening a note in a new window. When a new note is opened, a blank page is created, allowing you to write freely. Save or export your notes as HTML pages, text files or plain text files. Get started in seconds. Laverna, inspired by a necessity for a more flexible way to write notes, is a tool that replaces traditional methods of note-taking by opening a note in a new window. When a new note is opened, a blank page is created, allowing you to write freely. Save or export your notes as HTML pages, text files or plain text files.


• Start up in seconds. You don’t need to install or configure anything to use it. • Write and format notes just the way you want. • Create and edit notes in an easy to use editor. • Export notes as HTML, text or plain text files, or view notes in your browser or read them in any text editor. • Synchronize notes via Dropbox or specify other servers. • Create notes in markdown format. • Add headers, images, hyperlinks, bullet or numbered lists. • Manage notebooks, tags, categories and note filenames. • Search notes by title, text or tags. • A robust configuration file system with the ability to edit settings.

Type of data covered: notes

Phone: +44 20 85567279

Free Trial: Yes

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System requirements: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Size: 2.68 MB

Windows 7/8/10/xp/7/8/9/10

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/xp/7/8/9/10/8.1/10/11



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Start your next presentation with Laverna. Its all you need presentation software. Laverna is the answer to all your presentation nightmares. Laverna helps you tackle even the trickiest of presentation, business and educational activities.
Enhance your presentations with super crisp and stylish templates, edit your photos right in the application, plan your slides and all in real time. Laverna makes it effortless. Your presentations will never be the same.
Meet Laverna. She’s a cool, sophisticated girl with an amazing personality. She’s the sister of Evernote. Laverna can access all your notes, photos, webpages and just about anything else at the press of a button.
Laverna Features:
Organize your notes with ease. Create and edit notes in real time, on the fly. Quickly switch between the text field and your note board. And if you’re not in the mood for writing, Laverna lets you take and edit photos, save webpages and share them with your team.
Create slides with ease. Use drag and drop to drag your photos and webpages directly into your slides. Make text, include and apply text effects, then edit the text and add new slides or headings, wherever you like. Create and edit presentations from any web browser.
Take notes easily. Laverna gives you access to all your notes and text files with just a click of a button. Create and organize your notes with ease.
Plan and present brilliantly. Laverna makes it easy to create professional looking presentations, within minutes, right on your computer, while you’re in the presentation zone.
Keep organized. Tagging and assigning notes makes it easy to categorize, manage and find them in seconds.
This product is distributed as a stand-alone application which does not install any language packs, nor does it modify or interact with Windows in any way.

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Laverna 14.0.0

Laverna is a note manager with a simple and straightforward interface, for taking, organizing and storing notes on your computer. You can create notes, create and manage notebooks and set tags on them, as well as sort notes, use Quick Find, create new notes with Scratch, print notes, import and export settings.

Laverna is one of the applications mentioned above that can help you by providing you with several components, which are relevant to your needs.
No installation needed
This program can be deployed to your computer with minimum efforts since it does not require you to install it or configure it in any way.
The only necessary steps you need to perform in order to access its functions are unpacking the contents of its archive and launching the executable component.
Take notes efficiently
You can turn to Laverna if you need an easy way to take notes, store them on your computer and manage them effectively. When you first launch it, you need to specify a password to encrypt the contents of your database, so that nobody except you can access your data. Also, you can choose to synchronize your database with Dropbox by selecting it from the list when prompted and granting it the required access.
Creating a note can be easily accomplished by clicking the dedicated button in the main window, assigning it a title and typing the required content in the designated field. You can choose between three view modes: full-screen, preview and normal. The note editor supports HTML code and lets you add images, hyperlinks, bullet or numbered lists, as well as codes and headers.
Organize notes in notebooks
Aside from enabling you to create notes, this program also lets you organize them in notebooks and set them tags, for identifying them in an easier manner, if needed. In case you have a large amount of notes, you can also perform a search by clicking the magnifying-glass-icon and typing the desired content in the designated field.
Creating notebooks can be accomplished by accessing the Notebooks option under the main menu, defining a name and saving it to the database. Items can also be assigned tags, but you need to create them beforehand.
Handy configuration menu
Laverna also features an extensive configuration menu, which you can access by clicking the Settings button. Here you can adjust options regarding encryption, key shortcuts, synchronization, profiles and import or export.
For instance, you can toggle encryption, set custom hotkeys for navigating through your notes, choose a preferred synchronization method, create new profiles

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Jupitor is one of those commercial software program to be purchased in the market. Laverna is a well-known tool that is a native extension of this application. It has all the useful features that make it special. It helps you take notes, store them, maintain notes in the database and convert notes to a series of pdf files. As you are purchasing this software you can get all the exclusive features of Laverna just by installing this program in your machine. It is a piece of software that can be used in home and office with almost all the required features. It can store notes, organize them in categories, make search and even convert notes to a series of pdf files. You can use it to take notes, keep them up to date and convert them to pdf. This product have many useful functions to make sure it works really well for you. It can convert your file to pdf in just a minute. You will not need to search because it already has search function of notes. It has features of the editor. You can edit it and search it. You can mark down your desired notes or any mark that you want. You can save it by setting a password to give the access to edit it and export it to pdf. It can add images, links, bullets and make notes easily. It has a very useful configuration option to make an easy access to your notes. You can set a password to keep your notes or any personal information secured from prying eyes. It can keep your notes and dates secured and sync up with Dropbox. It can perform sync for a specific time frame. The program has a lot of useful functions that a user need. It has an image editor and feature to save as pdf too. You can organize your notes in categories and can search it as you like. You can even convert your notes to pdf. Now you can take notes in free time and can save them in the database. You can even organize your notes in categories and can search it as you like. It has a very useful configuration option to make an easy access to your notes.

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System Requirements For Laverna:

Minimum system requirements for the game:
Windows® 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
1 GHz processor
2.5 GB of available hard drive space
1024×768 display resolution
Recommended system requirements:
Windows® 7, Windows 8, orϻusefull-backgrounder-crack-with-full-keygen-free-download-2022/