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Jumble Password Free [Mac/Win]

Thanks to a wide range of software applications, it's easy to come up with passwords which are strong enough to protect your accounts from any third parties trying to crack them. However, it may be difficult to keep track of all keys if they are all made up of random numbers and characters, especially if you're not the type of person to trust a password manager.
In this case, the solution is to create passwords which are complex enough to ensure protection but easy enough to remember. This is the mission of Jumble Password, a lightweight and incredibly easy-to-use tool that generates passwords based on your name and birth date.
Generate secure passwords based on your name and birth date
As the name suggests, it creates a password by jumbling the numbers and letters found in the data you enter. It gets quickly installed and launched in a clear-cut window, where you only have to enter a name and birthday before submitting data to create new passwords.
Although the program might seem too basic, since anyone can write down their name and birthday to create passwords just like making anagrams, the twist here is that any information can be written down as the name. For instance, if you want to produce a unique key for your email account that you associate with your pet, you can write down your pet's name and birth date. Of course, this is just an example since there are numerous scenarios.
Unlimited password length but lowercase letters and numbers only
As far as password complexity is concerned, you should know that the key does not have a limit when it comes to length (number of characters). It's directly linked to the amount of letters of the name. Also, Jumble Password uses only numbers and lowercase letters, which means that, on a security scale, the passwords have medium level (the strongest being lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols).
If you're not comfortable with the current password, you can mix it up by pressing "Submit" again, without making any changes to the name and birth date. There are no buttons implemented for copying keys to the password or creating multiple passwords at the same time.
All aspects considered, Jumble Password offers an interesting solution for creating passwords which are strong enough to protect your accounts and easy enough to remember.


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Jumble Password Crack With Keygen

1. Generate random passwords from name and date of birth information.
2. Get your own unique key for your email, social media accounts and other online services
3. Enter a name and date of birth to create a password
4. Improve your security with Jumble Password
Jumble Password is in no way associated with or endorsed by Kaspersky Lab. Security is a serious issue and we do not condone the illegal use of third party products.
Privacy Policy – License Agreement
This Agreement is between Jumble Password or its assignees and the user of this
application «Licensee». By downloading, installing, or otherwise using this Application,
Licensee agrees to this Agreement and certain other terms that Licensee must accept in
order to download, install, use and/or modify this Application. Licensee also
acknowledges that by downloading, installing, or otherwise using this Application,
Licensee is accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
There is a possibility that Jumble Password or its licensors could be held
liable for damages. This Agreement specifically excludes the disclaimer of any
liability and warranty, express or implied, including, without limitation, the warranty
of non-infringement, warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness for a particular
purpose, and warranty of freedom from defects. Licensee acknowledges that Jumble
Password or its licensors are not responsible for, and is not liable for, any direct,
indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages,
including lost profits, lost data, or lost revenue, which might arise out of Licensee’s
use or inability to use the application or the goods, services, and features included
with the application, even if Jumble Password or its licensors have been advised of the
possibility of such damages or even if any such damages may not be excluded by law.
Licensee acknowledges that the application is provided «AS IS» WITHOUT WARRANTY OF
Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the application and the service it provides
are provided with any code and information compiled from an external source.
Licensee acknowledges that the application may contain an

Jumble Password Crack

. Generates secure password for multiple accounts using your name and birth date.
. A completely free easy-to-use password generator.
. Any name and birth date can be used to create a unique password for each account.
. Easy to use and no user input is required to generate your passwords.
. Strong enough to ensure protection (you can even use a combination of upper and lower case letters to create passwords which are stronger than a typical standard password).
. Keeps track of all of your passwords without the need to use a password manager.
. Perfect for creating unique passwords to access different accounts without having to memorize a long string of characters.
. Can use any name and birth date to generate the key.
. Can be used for any account by adding just your name and birth date.
. All information is securely transmitted over the Internet using HTTPS encryption.

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Jumble Password

Of course, the password strength is still stronger and unguessable, since it’s quite hard to know how it is created.

Highly portable

Free to download and install

Easy to use

For secure passwords, the format doesn’t matter

Highly portable

This is a password generator which works on all platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. There is nothing to download or install as the tool is available through the official website, which also gives you the option to link your Google account to create a new password, so you won’t be prompted to enter your data every time you log in.

Free to download and install

Since there are no ads in this tool, you don’t have to pay for its use. Also, you don’t need to enter any personal data to get access to the tool since it’s free to use. All you have to do is follow a simple step-by-step guide to generate new passwords.

Easy to use

As far as using the tool is concerned, it’s intuitive and easy to use, which means that users of all skill levels will be able to make sure it works. It’s very well designed and the interface is very pleasing.

For secure passwords, the format doesn’t matter

Of course, Jumble Password doesn’t guarantee the strength of the generated passwords. Even though the tool has 100% compatibility, it’s impossible to tell which password will be created until the program outputs it. Also, the passwords created by the tool aren’t resistant to any breach. In other words, it’s not possible to predict the format or if the data will be encrypted.

Highly portable

Since the application is available on any platform, users of all operating systems can install it and use the tool without requiring any previous technical knowledge. Even though the tool is available in a portable format (don’t install on your computer), this is still not recommended.

Best passwords generators

All of the tools presented here do their job very well, whether it’s generating long passwords or short codes for passwords. However, no tool offers the best options when it comes to passwords. Therefore, you should choose the tool that works best for you to ensure you have the best security.

For security experts

The best passwords tools do their job incredibly well, but you shouldn’t use this tool for anything other than creating secure passwords. It’s an amazing tool, especially if you’re

What’s New In?

Strong passwords made easy to create or modify

Random number and letters to protect you against brute force attacks

Only lowercase letters and numbers to protect you against dictionary attacks

No limit to password length

No buttons to copy keys to a password or create multiple passwords at the same time

Unlimited number of tries

How to install and run Jumble Password?

Download and install Jumble Password from the link below

Double-click the file JumblePassword_setup.exe to install

Jumble Password features:

Password generator based on name and birth date

Only lowercase letters and numbers

Generates passwords between 10 and 17 characters long

Unique passwords for multiple services

Customize passwords with any text

Unlimited number of attempts

Privacy policy

Jumble Password Privacy Policy

By using this application, you consent to the storage of your information on our servers. This is to ensure the service gets to you at all times. We do not collect any information we store on our own servers. If you ever have any concerns about this kind of data gathering, you can contact us here.
We have three different servers:

Server one: Manage your account and server

Server two: Generate new passwords

Server three: Store passwords locally

Jumble Password security and reliability

The passwords generated by Jumble Password are strong and can be considered as a nice security feature. However, you should also know that the password security isn’t perfect, since anyone can write down their name and birthday to create the same password, or simply copy a key. In other words, it is easy to crack these passwords.
Regarding the reliability, we must admit that the program has a very good rate. It has a little bit of fuzz around it, since the application might react very slowly, but you’re never stuck with an error message. We have tested the program with Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu, and it has worked fine on each of them.

Disclaimer: If you have any questions or concerns about using Jumble Password, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We will do our best to answer any questions you have.

The good

Saves you a lot of time

No false positives

You can create multiple passwords

You can easily change the password

If you don’t want to keep all keys on your computer, you can store them locally

System Requirements For Jumble Password:

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i5-6600K, AMD Ryzen 7 1700
Intel Core i5-6600K, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Memory: 16 GB RAM
16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD R9 290
NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD R9 290 DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Storage: 2 GB