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The HInput system is a generic abstraction layer for input driven systems. The system can be used to represent actions like pressing keys, moving a mouse, jumping, crouching, walking, and other similar actions that would be required for a 2D or 3D game. The system has been designed to be lightweight and non intrusive, consisting of only a set of data classes and the ability to delegate to a concrete input-compatible class at runtime.

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HInput project

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HInput Free [32|64bit]

HInput is a decoupled input abstraction layer providing simple direct input. The input code (defined by HInput API) does not depend on the game code (defined by HInput ABI) or the input implementation. It is decoupled from the implementation (with little/no reference to it).

The desired behaviour is as follows:

User enters key and game responds to it
User plays some action while the game is running
The user stops playing and the game continues normally

Basic use
HInput has a limited scope and if you need to use HInput in multiple parts of your code (e.g. within a controller, a modder and an input module) it is recommended to use a Module.
//Put HInput into Main module HInput main;

//Put HInput into Modder module HInput modder;

//Put HInput into Controller HInput controller;




Unit testing
HInput can be unit tested with HInputTest but is recommended to use the HInput framework for testing. HInputTest extends Unity’s built-in testing framework. The HInput framework is built on top of Unity’s Input Component.

Version history
HInput 1.0
HInput 2.0
HInput 3.0

UnityEngine.InputModule : Unity 5.4.0 or later
UnityEngine.Input.HInput : Unity 5.4.0


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HInput Framework is a framework for easy input programming in Cocoa. It allows games to easily swap out their input component without having to rewrite the game or even know which specific protocol a game uses. The only requirement is the following protocol: each input component sends a HInputMessage to the hosting game when a change occurs, and then the game responds to those input messages.

This is one of the most elegant examples of using the Object-Oriented design for even mundane tasks.
You can get more info about it here:


Try objinput. It isn’t really your homework, but it might be close.


There’s a simple GameBoard sample in the CocoaDevices project, which uses a HInputBox to receive the user’s input. You can see the source here (look at GameBoardView.m and Main.m).


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What’s New in the?

HInput is a basic input abstraction layer.
It provides almost all generic key mappings and actions.
It allows to reconfigure all of its keys at runtime to be in different key binding orders.
Moreover the system allows to reconfigure many additional parameters and properties such as:

delays and much more.

HInput is expected to be called inside game main loop, see HInput::HInput()


#include «scene/HInput.h»
#include «scene/HGame.h»
#include «engine/graphics/HGraphics.h»


using namespace std;

HInput *hInput = NULL;
HGame *game = NULL;

void main()

while (true)


hInput = NULL;


MSG msg = {};
if (PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE))

hInput = new HInput();

// Configure all actions
hInput->AddKey(«Space», «Space::Enter», «Space::Exit»);
hInput->AddKey(«*», «Space::Enter», «Space::Exit»);
hInput->AddKey(«f», «Space::Enter», «Space::Exit»);
hInput->AddKey(«a», «Space::Enter», «Space::Exit»);

System Requirements:

The server and client will run on Intel I3 or better CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 2TB HDD or SSD. You must have a Gigabit network connection to connect to the server.
The game can be played solo or with up to 4 players.
The cross-platform client is designed to work with both PC/Mac and Linux/Unix operating systems.
There are some key features unique to the Mac version:
1. Control with Apple remote (IR/RF)
With the cross-platform client,