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EZ Dictionary English-Arabic Crack Free

EZ Dictionary English-Arabic is a handy and reliable program that serves to translate English words to Arabic.
In addition to this, the application also provides dictionary definitions for any word; simply hover the mouse over it and press the Ctrl key.







EZ Dictionary English-Arabic Crack + Product Key Free Download [32|64bit]

EZ Dictionary English-Arabic Crack Free Download is designed to help users who want to write and speak Arabic. This application provides everything needed to write and speak in the Arabic language. It can define, translate, speak, and translate from English to Arabic and vice versa. It also has a built-in A-Z word database and word generator.


Support both PC and Mac
Support both Arabic and English scripts
Hassle-free Arabic spell checker (silent) – includes an A-Z word database
Support multiple input – English and Arabic texts simultaneously
Pronunciation support – if necessary, the text can be spoken out loud while you translate it
Auto dictionaries
Built-in word generator
Easy to use – Launch the application and start typing an English word in the Suggest box and the application will show the corresponding Arabic translation in the Result box; just click the button to translate to Arabic.
EZ Dictionary is completely free – you can download it right now

EZ Dictionary is a standalone program and not a part of any other program package. Once you have installed it, you don’t need to buy any other “app” to use this version.
You can download EZ Dictionary for free right here from Soft32:

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EZ Dictionary English-Arabic Free For Windows [2022]

EZ Dictionary English-Arabic features:
1. Use the mouse to point at the word that you want to translate.
2. Press the CTRL key and the program will begin translating the word to Arabic.
3. When you reach the end of the translation, the program will give you the translation.
4. In addition to the dictionary definition, it will also give you the meaning of the word.
5. The definition is in three columns:

a. Definite:

– If the word starts with a capital letter, the definition will be in bold.
– If the word starts with an underline letter, the definition will be in bold.

b. Participle:

– The participle definition will appear in red.
– The participle definition will appear in green when used with the
right participle form.
– The participle definition will appear in purple when used with the
wrong participle form.

c. Vocabular:

– The vocabular definition will appear in orange.

6. All definitions are provided in both Arabic and English.

EZ Dictionary English-Arabic is an easy-to-use, quick and accurate Arabic-to-English dictionary.

Download EZ Dictionary English-Arabic


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EZ Dictionary English-Arabic Crack+ Product Key PC/Windows

Arabic Language Tools.
EZ-Dictionary is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to
translate words from English to Arabic!
It’s your ultimate reference
tool to give you a clear view of the meaning of words.
You can find a selected word in the dictionary and check its
pronunciation in English and Arabic!
There’s no need to memorize the spelling or translate
a word letter by letter, EZ-Dictionary takes care of
all of it for you, just type the English word
and you will see the automatic translation in real time!
With EZ-Dictionary you can get back lost words, review words,
check the meaning of unknown words, practice pronunciation, etc
so you can speak in the most natural way!
Arabic Language Tools
EZ-Dictionary is a powerful dictionary, which comes with thousands of words!
You can sort the words in alphabetical order or display the
most frequently used words.
For those who want to check their Arabic through speaking,
EZ-Dictionary comes with a dictionary learning tool.
Simply type a word in the English side, the program will
translate it to Arabic for you.
With this tool you can check the pronunciation of words,
review the meaning of the translated words, discover words
with similar meanings,
learn new words that you never knew!
Arabic language reference tool
EZ-Dictionary is not only a dictionary, it’s also a reference
tool that will help you improve your Arabic.
With its built-in editor, you can customize any word by adding
additional information. For example, you can add the meaning,
the sound, the pronunciation, the definition,
useful tips or even the meaning of words with the same or similar
You can also change the capitalization and punctuation of the word,
adjust the size of the font and then save the changes.
EZ-Dictionary as your reference tool,
easy to learn and quick to use, with thousands of words in it,
this is the language tool you always wanted!
– Translate words in real time from English to Arabic.
– Easy to learn and quick to use.
– Over 100,000 words with the most commonly used
words in

What’s New In?

*** For a limited period of time the program is available for downloading free of charge, however, after the availability period ends, purchase the full version.
Enjoy using this fantastic and invaluable translation application.
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Please Donate to help support the making of EZ Dictionary English-Arabic 4.5 out of
5 based on 2290 user ratings

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System Requirements For EZ Dictionary English-Arabic:

* PC CPU: AMD FX-6300 or greater or Intel Core i5-3570K or greater
* Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or greater or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or greater
* Resolution: 2560×1600 or greater
* Storage: 25GB available space
* OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 or greater
Software Requirements:
* Steam Account and Internet Connection
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