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In Tarnished, enter a world filled with grim legends and epic drama. Crafted from the fragments of a mythical world, it is a fantasy RPG about life, death, and love. A huge world filled with excitement and limitless ways to discover, set forth to establish the destiny of the Lands Between.

The Lands Between
The Lands Between is a high fantasy world filled with charming tales and epic drama. Within it, an infinite number of situations and dungeons are seamlessly connected. The Lands Between is a dreamlike world that includes four lands: Saadnra, a world of heroes; Drakan, a world of black-hearted villains; Elden, a world of hot-blooded heroes who aspire to attain the Throne of Chastity; and Morgion, a world of beautiful maidens.

As a hero of Saadnra, you can travel to each of the Lands Between and join the chaos that has suddenly broken out. Together with the other heroes of the Lands Between, you venture into the world to seek out signs that will lead you to a hero of the Elden Ring.

We are Elden Ring Game, a pioneering indie studio in the field of games. We are now ready to reveal our titles.

■ Title: Tarnished

■ Platform: PC

■ Release Date: 2017/03/25 (Ver. 0.7.1)

■ Price: 600 rubles (9.99€)

■ Developer: Elden Ring Game

■ Copyright © 2017 Elden Ring Game

■ Contact: [email protected]

■ Website:

■ Keywords: fantasy, adventure, RPG, action, fighter

■ Game release: 2017/03/25 (Ver. 0.7.1)

■ Game statistics

■ Characters

■ Characters:

■ Appearance of Hero:

■ Play Style:

■ Champion

■ Magic: (Archer, Rifleman, Elven hunter, beast hunter)

■ Weapons: (Thrown weapon, sword, bow, axe, dag, warhammer, crossbow, spear, etc.)

■ Armor: (Makil’s armor, kada’s armor, chain armor, nanite armor, etc.)

■ Skill: (Hide, Crawl, Swim, Climb, Jump, etc.)


Features Key:

  • A Prologue that Teaches You the Story of the Lands Between
  • Customization of the Main Character and Equipment
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects to Others
  • Upgradeable Character Development
  • Variety of Battle Types Based on the Weapon Overpass
  • A Free, Steady Flow of EXP in Battles (No Level Cap)
  • Variety of Dungeons, Including Gray Labyrinth
  • A Selection of Unique Skills
  • Play the System AIS of a PC
  • Designed for an Entire Family
  • Android

    The Android version allows you to play while on the go. TARNISHED is an Android game where you can enjoy without having to go offline. You can play by downloading the game and installing it on Android from the Google Play store, as well as by downloading the App version.

    Feature Highlights

    • Offline Play
    • Stable Progress System
    • Fun Challenges, such as Mantra Destruction and Raid Monster Attacks!
    • Many Items, Spells, and Wings
    • A Unique Combat System with Unique Overshares
    • Free Customization
    • Skill and Weapon Overpass
    • Stress-Free Battle
    • Variety of Character Classes
    • Exciting Storytelling
    • Omni-directional Flee Fight! If a String Lead You Lost, Evil Strings Will Appear and Follow You, Making Your Escape a Challenge!
    • A Variety of Dungeon, Including Baroque Labyrinth!

    * Anime-style Music is also available.



    Elden Ring Keygen Full Version Free

    The new fantasy action RPG, “Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between,” released last week for PlayStation 4, is, as the title suggests, the fifth main installment in the Tarnished Prince series, the series that has been kept alive by a series of spinoff games, including the Knights in the Nightmare server. If you’ve already played this series, you might think this might not be for you since the previous game was released on PlayStation 4 in 2016. However, the new game does deliver new things, such as the ability to change your weapon at any time, which wasn’t possible in the previous game. It also includes new locations and dungeons where you have to gather materials and craft items. The online play also includes a board-game-like element, which helps connect you to other players.

    The lead character is G, the main protagonist of the Tarnished Prince series. He is a man in his mid-30s who took up the Sword of the Wind, which is an ancient sword that bears the powers of the Elden Ring, and made a vow to find the “Elden Lord,” the person who holds the power of the Elden Ring, and to put an end to the war in the Lands Between. He is a lonely man who doesn’t have any friends, which is a side effect of the fact that the only person who was by his side died because of a disease while he was in prison.

    As the player, you gain access to the Lands Between when he draws the Sword of the Wind, which pierces the veil between our world and the Lands Between. In this world, there is a world where everything from swords and weapons to demons and large-scale battles take place, and due to the vast difference between the two worlds, you can freely move between them. The objective of the game is to defeat the tyrannical Elden Lord called The Living Sword, which can appear any time and place, and can be killed. If the player runs into The Living Sword, it will change and appear in a different form, and the player’s enemies, which are created by The Living Sword, will also change to adapt to the form the player’s party has. This is a game where defeating the enemy is not enough. The game is based on the idea that


    Elden Ring

    The new fantasy action RPG is a game that is full of action and high-octane combat. After all, what is an action RPG without a vast world to explore and combat to look forward to? With this latest title in the Elden Ring series, prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey that will change the way you role-play in online RPGs.

    • “From the Battle to the Beyond” – Online Multiplayer Action RPGs
    Online action RPGs are team games where multiple players with their own characters work together against various enemies in the same world. Therefore, more than the sense of team work, the core element of these games is their online multiplayer element. In a traditional online RPG, the multiplayers are connected through synchronization software and move together while playing the game. When the action of the game is advancing, the players can watch each other’s actions by their own client program. However, in this title, the system is unique in that it smoothly integrates the gameplay with the real-time action of the world’s events. A player will be on his or her own client program that lives in the same world as the other players.

    • In-depth Combat System “Through the Dungeon”
    Throughout your travels, you must battle challenges, monsters, and other players for your survival. The first stage is to explore the vast world and locate the monsters and enemies by yourself. This is where players complete the initial training on the battlefield and run the dungeon to become strong. The battle is an intense system of many options, including the ability to use a variety of skills, hit techniques, and weapons. Even in battle, the players must also battle with other players by exploiting the multiplayer element. That is why we have included elements such as a special attack with RPG elements, which allows for a unique fighting experience.

    • Unique Action Skill System
    Use a wide variety of combat skills to defeat enemies during battles with an arsenal of weapons, armor, and magic. In addition, we have developed a unique action skill system in which players can use their own actions to enhance the dynamics of battle.

    • Novel Design
    Brand new themes and futuristic fantasy world. The background music creates an amazing, futuristic atmosphere that will completely change your perception of this new title, along with a variety of dynamic battle content that will have the players’ blood rushing.

    This new title is a game that you must have in your hands for your RPG to be finished. It has the


    What’s new:

    Published by Arc System Works

    Developer Product Description
    The New Fantasy Action RPG “Elden Realm” is an Action RPG that features the traditional RPG style you’ve come to expect, while modernizing the gameplay with new features. The lead character, SilverLight, gained his powers from a magic lamp and decided to change his path from wandering.
    While passing through the Lands Between, SilverLight hears mysterious rumors of the lands to the south, which are called Elden. Having long dreamed of achieving the position of an Elden Lord, he enters the Lands Between to uncover the truth behind the rumors. He receives aid from the guise of a mysterious protector and a fighter goddess. He carries on his adventure, together with all of the elite units of the general military under him, to explore this land that holds the secrets of the world.
    The plot has a deep, multilayered story with an old-fashioned feel to it and an uncommon sense of style. The graphics shine through, and the battle components mesh together smoothly. Even if you’re just a rookie, you’ll easily catch on to this kind of action RPG.

    • Various Play Modes for the World’s Mighty Warriors to Battle It Out
    The game features three different modes of gameplay that are designed to satisfy and retain all of your interests, while providing something that leaves you with a sense of excitement.
    • Online Play
    Online play features both online player interaction and the asynchronous mode, allowing you to enjoy the game freely while also keeping connected to all of your friends and online players.
    • Character Missions
    A single-player mode that puts you right into the role of the protagonist SilverLight, allowing you to experience the story in multiple ways.
    • Story Mode
    Separate missions and story episodes to experience the story from many sides.
    • Multiplayer Mode
    Asynchronous battle for an exhilarating online experience. Some online players will be in your party, so you can play with them as you wish.


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