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Experience the fantasy world of the Myth in this AAA fantasy RPG developed by tri-Ace.
Explore a vast world where various open fields and huge dungeons are seamlessly interconnected. Different characters, backgrounds and opponents await you in every corner. There are various types of dungeons, beautifully designed 3D graphics, and dungeons with complex traps that can only be overcome with combination moves, the abilities of your characters, and your strategical planning.
This Android game, developed by tri-Ace, is a Fantasy RPG set in the Myth, a world in which the future of humanity was decided through the power of the Elden Ring.
Explore an expansive world where an endless number of dungeons and open fields seamlessly interact. Experience an epic adventure where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

Tri-Ace is an RPG company specialized in creating world-class RPG titles for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

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Official website:

Twitter: @Hyrule_PR

Instagram: @hyrule_game




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Features Key:

  • A History that Shines in Online Play
  • A Wide Range of Funny and Intriguing Quests
  • Exquisite Graphics with a Familiar Interface
  • Special Features for the Players of the Ancients
  • Elden Ring Items available:

    • Premium Item – EXP:2x
    • Role – EXP:2x
    • Oomford Scarf – Tailor Stone
    • Acquisition Item – Proximity Crystals; 1:5 Charm Purchases

    DLC items available:

  • Charm – Skill EXP:1.5x
  • Role – Tier Up: Scrapper, Mage, Warrior, Infiltrator
  • Accessory – Tailor Stone Purchases: 1:5

    Become a Tarnished:
    Elden Lord Review