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C++ undefined reference to `std::sort

I know that undefined references are usually caused by a missing implementation file. However, the only implementation file I have, and when I include that file in my (instead of header), I get the error. This didn’t happen with std::sort, and I have no idea why that is. I tried changing the order in which I included the files, but that didn’t work.
Any ideas?


.cc files do not contain header files. They only contain the source code. You cannot link against them.

Histology of choroidal melanoma.
We studied the pathological changes in tumors and in surrounding white choroid in 37 cases of choroidal melanoma. The chief gross features were black, often irregularly circumscribed, pigmented tumor. Microscopic examination revealed an irregular proliferation of neoplastic melanocytes with fibrovascular proliferation. In three cases, there was prominent thrombosis of the vascular walls within the tumor, which is probably the result of vascular damage by the tumor. Inflammation, edema, and granuloma formation were uncommon features.Q:

Obter todos os arquivos no diretório

Criei um método onde obteria todos os arquivos de uma pasta (ou diretório) usando linq, para usá-los no próximo projeto. O problema é que caso eu tenha os arquivos no mesmo diretório, o código funciona direitinho, mas se eu vou adicionar alguns arquivos em outro diretório (como criar arquivos num diretório já existente) ou por exemplo mudar a extensão de alguns arquivos ficam errados, eu mudo o código para obter todos os arquivos e copio todos em um array e depois só ficam os que estiverem corretos, mas como a última forma é mais lenta eu g


Physical and technological constraints

DVDs are a particular challenge in terms of data storage and access. Moving large amounts of data requires a high capacity, high cost, low-power data storage technology. DVD is such a technology. Other constraints with digital media are an increasing demand for localized services, fluctuating transmission costs, and increased bandwidth demands. Tl;Dr some of these media solutions may not be available worldwide, or may not be at all cost effective.

Intellectual property

Design and development

Information technology

Philosophical foundations

In the wake of the digital revolution and the subsequent digitalization and standardization of much information, the copyleft concept of the GNU General Public License (GPL) was developed, which allows free use and distribution of so-called «free» software. «Free» as in freedom or free as in price.





Further reading

ReferencesREBEL investors are unlikely to be dissuaded by the words of US President Donald Trump.

The phrase «We’re renegotiating NAFTA» was a major talking point during the election campaign, but in the wake of the Mexican peso crisis and the potential for steel and aluminium tariffs, Trump has implemented his tough position that he won’t be easily cowed.

More importantly, the massive tariffs imposed by the Trump administration means tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium imports are inevitable — a point echoed in the midst of the spat between the two countries.

If you invest in Rebel, it’s a similar story.

Canadian investment in the US-based firm has followed a pattern that will most likely continue.

First, the company received a value-added tax refund in the form of dollar-denominated dividends. This tax rebate typically is offered to US investors until December 15, 2017.

Then, a small percentage of the company’s share is sold by the founders to acquire a larger position in the market. And finally, the rest of the shares are purchased by investors who want to avoid an exchange of currency.

Investors who bought the shares in 2014, for example, would have accumulated $US827,000 in dividends.

«The combination of long Canadian dollar valuations and the tax refund effectively makes Canadian dollar-denominated dividends effectively free of currency risk,» said Gilbert Jones, a portfolio manager and portfolio manager at Rebel who’s been following the company’s shares.

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In the post-antibiotic era, the widespread use of broad spectrum antimicrobial prophylaxis has become a daily therapeutic modality for patients on the inpatient hematology service. The indiscriminate use of this prophylaxis is believed to be deleterious. The purpose of this paper was to determine whether the routine use of prophylaxis is justified in the context of the current epidemiology of infection in this population and to document the efficacy of intervention strategies. Infections in patients with malignant hematological disorders (MHD) were examined during a 13-month period. A total of 189 patients were followed in the study and 276 infection episodes were recorded. The average age of these patients was 46.4 +/- 0.6 years, 88% were male and the underlying MHD included chronic myeloid leukemia, acute myelogenous leukemia, Burkitt’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. The infection rate was 24.6 episodes per 100 patient-month, and the infection rate per type of infection was: blood 0.72, respiratory tract 1.72, urinary tract 3.86, perirectal 0.43 and catheter site 2.47. Subgroup analysis showed no

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