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Generally speaking, putting down your thoughts on paper can sometimes help you get a better view of the situation and even make you feel better.
StickyNote Diary is a lightweight, yet feature-rich application that enables you to take notes of the important ideas that go through your head, thoughts worth pursuing or events that have an impact on you.
Enables you to access notes more efficiently
The virtual journal comes with a rather old-school, but highly intuitive and well-organized interface. Moreover, the app allows you to show and hide various functions, namely the toolbar, sidebar, edit bar and the calendar.
The trump card of the diary comes from the fact that you can include sticky notes, so it provides you with the means to find your memos easier and faster. You should know that the sticky notes are displayed near the top left corner of the main window and that they have the same name as your memo. While it is true that the sticky notes could use a better organization system, they are quite appealing and make accessing entries easier.
Comes with numerous features, including a text editor
As you would expect from a program in this category, the utility comes with a text editor that enables you to make some adjustments to your memos.
To put it simply, you can change the font's style and size, the color of the background and the text and use various symbols as a summary of how your day went. The only setback of the text editor is that the settings are not organized in a context menu, but rather are spread throughout the menus.
It is worth mentioning that you can attach all sorts of files to your notes, including but not limited to audio files, photos, databases, videos, etc. Then again, do not forget that the maximum size of the diary data is 4GB.
An efficient tool for simple note taking
In the event you enjoy keeping track of all the things that make you happy on a daily basis so you can read them when things are not going so well, then StickyNote Diary might be the app to try out.







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• Create notes from anywhere in your computer.
• See when you last edited.
• Write multiple entries in one note.
• Edit sticky notes with a text editor.
• Use calendars to mark dates or visit your notes on any given day.
• Share and save notes by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, or save them to your computer.
• Add text labels to sticky notes.
• See the sticky notes on the home page and mark specific ones with color.
• Create groups of sticky notes.
• Add a task to a sticky note.
• Connect the sticky notes to your iPhone or iPad.
• More than 4 million people around the world use StickyNote Diary for that simple note-taking pleasure.
• Your privacy and data are safe with StickyNote Diary
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Is there a way to make a form update automatically even when no data was entered?

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StickyNote Diary Crack (Updated 2022)

StickyNote Diary Lite is an efficient tool that helps you to take simple notes.
How to use:
In the main window you can check the “Show toolbar” option if you want the toolbar to be displayed. Otherwise, you can turn it off.
You can also select a new background color and change the existing one.
If you want to hide the sidebar and edit bar, you should check “Hide sidebar” and “Hide edit bar” boxes, respectively.
You can also easily remove the sticky notes from the Top Left corner of the window by selecting the StickyNote tab from the list at the bottom.
StickyNote Diary Screenshots:

How to download StickyNote Diary:

Go to the download link below and you will be directed to a page where you can download the StickyNote Diary package from.
The download page below is somewhat different to a typical tutorial on how to download APK files. You should be aware that you will not be able to download StickyNote Diary on a PC or Mac using an emulator like Apk2SD, Emulator Pro 5, etc. It is also possible that you might require to use a third party program in order to be able to use APK files.
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This tool may be a good solution for people who have a lot of time or a lot of patience.

Version of StickyNote Diary for PC is not yet available.

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What’s New In StickyNote Diary?

Put your thoughts down on paper and then sort them in order to get the best insights and ideas.Q:

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System Requirements For StickyNote Diary:

How to install:
: Can you open file? (you should see a text installer): No, try to use a.deb instead : No, try to use a.deb instead
Install Notes:
First, disable any antivirus software you have installed on your system. After that, run the.bat install file. If you are using Linux, you may want to download this software directly from the developer’s website.