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What do you do when you need to enter a new contact in your Outlook Calendar, but you don’t have the person’s address? It’s one of those times when writing the information down by hand is easy and convenient, but not the most efficient.
Enter «anagram» into your system, and it will instantly read all text and characters found in any application and create a Calendar, Contact or Memo item containing the information.
You’re sure to get consistent results when you use anagram on any application that you send text to your Outlook address book.
It’s hard to find a program that is easier to use or faster than anagram, and it’s hard to find a program that is this quiet.
How it Works:
anagram can efficiently and instantly translate the meaningful text from any application into Outlook contact, calendar, task or note items. It will even work when you are sending an email message.
Because anagram uses the information from the text and symbols in the message it finds, you don’t need to worry about typing in the information by hand. By using anagram, you never have to type in new address information or appointments again!
What if you want to get the same text from another application? You need to copy the text, paste it into an anagram entry, and hit «Add.» That’s it! There’s nothing more to do. You can add as many entries as needed.
This is so much easier than writing down the information by hand and entering it into Outlook, which takes forever.
If you are sending emails or documents containing one or more of the following symbol or data types, they will be translated to your Outlook information:
• Text
• Files
• E-mail addresses
• Phone numbers
• Date/time
anagram works with Outlook 97 – 2007 and Palm Desktop 3.0 or later, Agendus for Windows, Enterprise Edition, NetSuite, Jigsaw and Google Calendar.
It is currently in Beta stage and is still maturing.
Some Known Errors:
• Anagram does not work with Outlook Express and Mac Mail.
• Anagram does not work with Google products.
• Anagram does not work in some Internet Explorer versions.
• Some applications, like Netscape Navigator, may require the user to change a setting in its options menu.
• If you are using Outlook Express version 5.0 or earlier, an additional conversion routine

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It’s time to relax and have fun! Uppercut Fantasy Football consists of four sessions, one of them being the fantasy season. Uppercut Fantasy Football is a version of Ultimate Football Manager, Fantasy Football Manager, Fantasy Football Manager 2, Fantasy Football Manager 3 and other football management games, but it includes some unique features that make it fun to play.
Uppercut Football Fantasy is a true fantasy football game for your PC, in which you will be able to manage all the most important parts of a football club and play according to your own rules. If you’re a real football fan, then you will be able to follow up on all the latest news about the world’s most popular sport, and follow the best teams.
We will be offering only the best fantasy football games, which are regularly being updated. We suggest you to install and try them all, and you will surely be able to find a game that fits your needs, and you will have lots of fun!
Key features:
* Gamepads supported.
* Choose players’ profiles.
* Over 100 players.
* Create your fantasy team.
* Schedule, watch and follow matches.
* Manage all aspects of your team.
* Manage your team effectively.
* See all news about the latest happenings in the world of football.
* Watch in-depth statistics in the game.
* Play against the computer.
* An easy-to-use interface.
* Keep your data private.
* Play fantasy football for free!
* This is a download version of the game. Use your existing key to activate your product.
* Need to activate Windows Media Player? Please read the manual.
* Upgrade from a previous version? Read the documentation.
* Help and FAQ can be found in the game, also there are tons of articles on our site about how to use the application. You can find all the relevant instructions on the Uppercut Fantasy Football site:
You can now download the game Uppercut Fantasy Football directly from

Greenlight Games has released Never Alone HD for Windows, which is a spiritual successor to the award-winning Arctic Survival.
The Arctic is a harsh place. It

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Submarine X3D is a reliable, accessible and handy multi-platform and Open Source X3D Editor.
it’s not the cheapest, nor the most elegant. But as it is open source, you can modify it for your own needs.
X3D is an acronym of XML, JavaScript, and Document Object Model. It is a widely used open source file format designed for developing 3D content in the form of 3D scenes, animations, and interactive applications.
Submarine X3D is a X3D editor that you can use to edit the 3D content you create in X3D format. It uses a drag and drop interface to allow you to manage the object in the scene, so you can edit them as you like.
The position of each object in the scene is displayed to the left of its 3D model. You can open the object editor by clicking the white arrow on the left or the button on the top right.
Submarine X3D allows you to work on scene and object separately and you can save the scene in file.
Even though the 3D model is not the most intuitive in the world, it is easy to learn and work with. You can even 3D print the scene.
The number of vertex are displayed at the top right of the object editor. The slider at the bottom allows you to change the overall size of the model while the zoom slider at the left allows you to increase or decrease the scale of the objects.
The position of the view is displayed at the top of the window. The center of the view can be repositioned by dragging it up, down, left, and right.
You can turn on the depth slider in the scene options to view the objects in front and back of them.
You can use the view button at the bottom to see the objects rendered in the scene in 3D view.
Before I go ahead, let me tell you that the user interfaces might not be the most attractive to look at, but they work very well and can be tweaked to your liking.
You have to download the source code of the program in order for you to easily customize and modulate the interface.
My Money Conclusion:
Submarine X3D provides you with an easy-to-use, accessible and handy multi-platform and Open Source X3D Editor. It has a classic user interface that is easy to learn and work with.
If you are looking for a professional 3D editor

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It is a complete financial system that helps you manage your finances, as well as help you save and invest money. It features a simple, yet dynamic way of keeping track of your finances, money, money saving, and much more.
To get started, enter your bank information or select a new bank account.
On the home screen, you can add or edit the accounts that you already have, add or remove a line of business, or enter a new bank account.
Select a business activity, like purchase and compare prices, pay bills, manage your profit and loss, or check how much money is coming in and going out each month. You can also use your PC as a cash register, find out how much money you have in the bank, check your money, manage your expenses, set up payment plans, and much more.
Create a budget
Based on the amount of money that you earned or saved during the previous period, you can create a basic budget, which helps you set how you want your money to be spent. You can then adjust it at any time.
Find the best deal
Get an overview of the price of different items in your area, compare and compare deals to find the best deal, or check on Amazon prices, Walmart prices or Nordstrom prices, each time to find the best deal.
Pay bills
You can easily pay bills, generate a payment plan, schedule regular payments, and set up automatic bill payments.
Set up an automatic bill pay
To reduce the strain, set up automatic payment for bills you pay through your bank. The app will take care of the rest, and ensure that your regular payments will be made on time.
Get a loan
The application is useful if you want to apply for a loan or an advance. First, it will search for lenders in your area, and give you the contact information of the one with the best rate. Second, it lets you fill out a simple online application, and send it to the lender so you can get the approval.
Shop online
If you need to shop online, the app will also ask for your zip code and search for online retailers in your area. You can then add items to your basket, and check your purchase history and rankings.
Keep track of your money
With My Money, you can track your expenses, gains, loses, pay bills, save money, and much more.
My Money is constantly evolving with updated features that are designed to make your finances more organized.


System Requirements:

Overview: The Kingdom Wars FPS from Good Game is a turn-based strategy where you fight to control territory in the English countryside. Rival factions are squabbling for territory while others use diplomacy to gain alliances, and their fighting is every bit as desperate and bloody as the schoolyard. Features- Dynamic single player campaign- Single Player or Multiplayer- Turn-based strategy with a cast of historical characters- Turn-based strategy where you fight to control territory in the English countryside- Player