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Ace Utilities 7.07.06 Latest

Every action you perform on your PC leaves traces behind. Using applications generate temporary and junk files that end up taking storage space unnecessarily, the registry gets filled with invalid data and unnecessary entries, history files and cached content are generated by browsers, and so on. All this can make your computer become sluggish and run visibly slower. That is the reason why periodical computer maintenance is mandatory.
Ace Utilities is one of the many tools you can use to clean up your PC to have it run at top performance, become safer and more responsive. With its help, you can run those maintenance tasks you should execute periodically on any Windows machine.
Run system cleanup with ease 
Upon launch, you are prompted to create a restore point, which you should do before using any application of this kind. Furthermore, the so-called “expert mode” can be tuned on. This mode is designed for experienced users who are familiar with the registry and the Windows system.
There are four modules available in Ace Utilities: cleanup, optimize, shredder and miscellaneous. The application enables you to execute routine cleaning operations, such as removing junk files to regain storage space, performing a registry cleanup to correct errors, deleting the browser history files to ensure your privacy, and fixing invalid shortcuts and other errors in the start menu and the desktop shortcuts. For your convenience, a one-click cleanup wizard is also available.
Enhance system performance 
Tuning up your system is also possible with Ace Utilities. It features an auto-start manager, which helps you configure which applications can start automatically upon Windows launch, a duplicate file finder to get rid of files that take up storage space, and an uninstall manager to completely remove applications.
Moving on, the file shredder allows you to get rid of sensitive files for good and make them impossible to recover. Furthermore, it allows you to wipe free space area on the local hard disks. Miscellaneous tools include an empty folder finder, a disk analyzer and a registry backup tool.
Several system maintenance tools in a single app 
Ace Utilities bundles a set of tools that is definitely enough to have your computer cleaned up and running at top speed. It provides you with the means to run maintenance tasks that you would otherwise have to perform manually or using separate software utilities.


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Ace Utilities will quickly scan your hard drive and clean it up by removing invalid registry entries, temporary files, invalid shortcuts, obsolete drivers and more. Every unwanted program that is not necessary will be removed and a system restore point will be created so that if anything were to go wrong, you can easily restore your computer to its original state. You will also be able to quickly recover documents that were lost due to corruption, poor formatting or virus attack using the file recovery wizard.
Ace Utilities will allow you to compact and defragment your hard drive so you can save up to 50 GB of hard disk space, clean and repair your registry to speed up your computer, use the built in shredder to securely erase files, data, and remove junk files from your computer, and more.
Key Features:
* Fast and efficient – while you can run a variety of system maintenance tasks and create system restore points with other scanning and cleanup applications, Ace Utilities allows you to perform routine maintenance tasks easily and quickly. Ace Utilities provides all the tools you need to perform a variety of system maintenance tasks as well as safe backups of your computer and optionally restore them at any time.
* Simple and safe – Ace Utilities will scan your drive and remove invalid entries and files and protect your privacy while giving you an easy-to-use interface to interact with your computer. A built-in shredder will securely erase sensitive files to keep your data private.
* Efficient – Ace Utilities runs fast and is well optimized for Windows so you can quickly scan your hard drive to get rid of invalid items such as temporary files, system restore points, and orphan shortcuts.
* Powerful – Ace Utilities is designed to not slow down your computer or make it crash. It comes with a built-in data shredder that will securely erase files you no longer need.
* Cross-platform – Ace Utilities will work on any Windows system regardless of the platform you used to create it.
* Help is available – as the name suggests, Ace Utilities is a powerful tool that can help you clean up your computer. From the Help menu you can find detailed tutorials, a built-in self-help document, link to other useful software and more.
What’s New
Ace Utilities provides advanced features, high performance and improved reliability, to make it a powerful tool to safely clean your PC and optimize it. These features include:
* A built-in and automated system restore point system to protect your privacy and bring your computer

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* Run system cleanup with ease
* Enhance system performance
* Tools for system maintenance
* Advanced registry editing utility: repair and restore registry
* Cleanup junk files in order to free storage space
* Empty trash bin to clean temporary files
* Remove temporary files from recycle bin
* Optimize system: speed up the PC and utilize resources more efficiently
* Run scheduled tasks with a click
* Secure file shredder
* Remove invalid shortcuts and create duplicates
* Protect registry and computer settings
* Disk defragmentation
* Two types of protection against registry infections
* Advanced startup manager to configure program startup
* One-click system restore
* Disk error analyzer
* Registry backup tool

Author’s Note:

All listed features of the software are fully functional and should work as intended, but we cannot guarantee that they will function without a problem.

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Package Contents


=> Cleaning junk files (defragmentation, scanning and defrag – to scan your hard disk)
=> Optimizing Registry (run registry scans, analyse and fix invalid registry keys and setting)
=> Shredding unused files or folders
=> System Backup & Restore (backup computer, restore to the latest, and restore previous backups)
=> Registry Cleaner
=> Maintenance Cleaner
=> Startup Manager
=> Service Monitor
=> Task Manager
=> Task Scheduler
=> Startup Manager
=> System Healer
=> Disk Cleaner (uninstall programs and empty free space)
=> Optimizer (optimize your Windows system to 100%)
=> Registry Repair (fix registry errors and invalid entries)
=> Launch Manager (autostarts your favourite applications)

What’s New In Ace Utilities?

Shred, delete and lock files as root
Empty the recycle bin
Optimize the Windows Registry
Run Disk Cleanup
Create/examine/restore/erase restore points
Delete files older than «n» days
Backup all registry keys
Clean up the Startup folder
Create Startup Menu shortcuts
Clear the Browser Cache
Compress files, archives, music, videos and photos
Adjust system time
Clean the system temp folder
Delete empty files, mail files and recycle bin
Remove junk files
Shrink all volumes
Scan for hidden & system files and folders
Clean the search index
Recover security keys

Other tools for programmers
Some tools offered by the software can be used even by programmers, since they target creating and/or migrating database and Excel files. They can be, for instance, disk defragmenter, which is used to free up disk space, and to improve data accesses. There are also system optimization tools, which are designed for testers and benchmarkers.
Top Performers
Cleaning the computer, by making it faster and safer, is the primary objective of the software. Apart from a regular janitor, there are a few tools that can be used to help you keep the machine clean.
One of these utilities is “Ace Utilities”, a collection of tools that can be used by the average PC user to complete basic maintenance tasks. Other tools include:

Disk Defragmentation
Run Disk Cleanup
Clear Internet Cache
System Shortcut Manager
System Optimizer
Manage Startup
System Cleaner
System Cleaner 2.0
Registry Cleaner
Disk Cleanup

Disk Defragmenter 
The disk defragmenter helps to defragment the hard disk drive and optimize the disk space in a couple of simple operations. Defragmentation is an important part of every maintenance plan, since it helps to remove obsolete data that take up disk space. The information on disk fragments can be managed or relocated to make room for new files or other data, which make for a quicker operating system. On average, an improved disk defragmenter can make your system run up to 40% faster.

Run Disk Cleanup 
The so-called “Run Disk Cleanup” tool can be used to get rid of large, obsolete files and tidy the Windows registry. This tool allows you to start a process to perform disk cleanup.

The defrag

System Requirements:

2.0 GHz Dual Core (or higher)
Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/Windows XP with DirectX 11.0 support.
To use the keyboard, press the INSERT/HARDWARE key on your keyboard, or press the «Print Screen» key on your keyboard.
Keyboard bindings are based on default keyboard settings. If you use a non-default keyboard layout, you will need to use the «Add New Game+ Options» dialog